Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wrist Porn: Atolyestone London

For the last twelve months I've had something of an accessory addiction and have coveted a number of male bracelets. If you didn't see my wishlist from 2015 you can here. This however is just the tip of the iceberg and on Pinterest here I have a rather large board that has everything from £5 to £5,000 (a man can dream) bracelets to adorn my wrist. It was on Pinterest that those purveyors of fine jewellery for men Atolyestone London got in touch and asked if I had ever seen their range. I must confess, at the time I hadn't heard of them or seen their website but with two clicks of the mouse I was in luxury bracelet heaven.

Wrist Porn: Atolyestone London

This is what they say about themselves over at the Atolyestone London website here:

'Atolyestone is a high-end jewellery brand with our head office based in London. Our aim is to harmonise the traditional bead and charm bracelets with modern silver gold and silver moulding techniques. Today, Atolyestone is staying loyal to its original ideas and reinterpreting the world of high-end jewellery.'

As a bit of a disclosure, I was offered the opportunity to pick a product from the site and then entered a period of calm (read neurotic indecision) as I tried to settle on one particular bracelet.

In the end I opted for the Lava Skull Beaded Bracelet at £70, fired off my request and sat back with the giddy excitement of a four year old on Christmas morning. I didn't have to wait long. My ordered was placed on Saturday and after another ugly Monday I arrived home to a card from DHL advising that the bracelet had been signed for by my neighbour (cheers bud). I was that excited about my new bracelet that I (for the first time in my thirty seven years) kept checking the online tracking system from DHL.

The anticipation could not have prepared me for the sheer "wow" factor when opening the package. Not only did the bracelet come in the chunkiest and weighty box, it oozed quality, and that was before I had opened it. 

Wrist Porn: Atolyestone London
Wrist Porn: Atolyestone LondonWrist Porn: Atolyestone London

Opening the box brought a bigger smile to my face - there is was in all it's glory - the black lava stone wrapped around its own little cushion, the sterling silver skull staring back at me. Pleased is an understatement of epic proportion. 

Well made, oozing class and more importantly, looking stunning I am delighted with my choice.

Yes, Atolyestone London in my view falls into the luxury category but they are well and truly worth the additional expense. My ASOS bracelets now look like paupers when placed next to my new offering, which means that I'm going to have to upgrade my collection (double edged sword time)

If I had to pick other bracelets from the range available on the Atolyestone London website my favourites have to be these babies:

Wrist Porn: Atolyestone London

With colours and ranges to suit all tastes, and bracelets, bangles and cuffs that cost from £40 to £245 there is something that will appeal to every taste (it's not all skulls). If you’re not treating yourself, these would make a perfect gift for the man in your life.


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