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Disposable vs. Safety Razors

The first time I shaved (circa 1991 - yeah, I’m old) I used my dads safety razor and managed to cut my face to pieces. This was in the days way before the wealth of disposable razors blades, hell I remember when the first two bladed disposable razor was released to talk of it being the devils work. As I’ve grown older I’ve used pretty much every razor available. With this in mind, I thought I would give my thoughts on what works for a cough 37 year old Stephen now. 

Disposable vs. Safety RazorsDisposable vs. Safety Razors

Do the disposable (disposable at that price for a blade eh?) blades offer something better in terms of shave and protection missing from the safety razor. So here we are, Disposable vs. Safety Razors - let’s get ready to rumble.

Disposable vs. Safety Razors
Disposable vs. Safety Razors
While disposable razors offer a better level of protection against cutting your own throat they can be expensive whereas once you have the actual safety razor you can pick up blades for pennies, yes, just pennies making them a far more cost effective solution to rid your face of fuzz.


With a longer beard I find it almost impossible to use a disposable razor - in fact I usually have to abort the shaving, dry my face and then use a trimmer to cut down the length before a swipe across the face takes the hair down to skin. If I continue without trimming I find that the blades get clogged and I have to apply large amounts of pressure which increase the risk of cuts and nicks. Having to continuously remove long strands of hair from the blades also adds too much time to shaving.

Disposable vs. Safety Razors

With a safety razor very little pressure is required and the length of the hair isn’t an issue - short, medium or long, boom this rids the face with little effort. There is an issue with build up of hair, but actually, it isn’t as bad as getting hair caught between the multiple blades of a disposable razor.

Safety - DRAW

I’d say it’s a draw - I still get the occasional cut here or there using both, although a nick from a disposable razor is much less traumatic that a gash that comes from the safety razor. A little bit of care and they are both safe to use for an veteran shaver.

Hair re-growth - Safety Razor Wins

This week is the first time in months that I’ve shaved all of the hair from my face. Normally it takes three to four days before it needs shaving again down to the bone using a disposable razor, but using a safety razor it can be anything up to ten days before I need to begrudgingly go back for another shave.

Feel that face - DRAW

The results are actually the same - irritation levels, razor burn and bumps don’t actually differ for me depending on what type of razor I use. The big factor for reducing irritation is the preparation and pre-shave routine. That said, with both I end up with a face as smooth as a plum.

So, in summary, for me, the disposable razor offer a much better shaving experience when I have five o'clock shadow and really short stubble - razors like the Gillette Mach 4 and Wilkinson Sword Hydro 3 do the business and help me to do it quickly but as my beard grows removing it is much easier with the safety razor. If you haven’t used a safety razor yet I would recommend that check them out at least once and if you do, check out the best safety razor blades available as there are hundreds out there to choose from.

Neither are perfect to be honest, the best shave is when someone else does it for you with a cut throat razor, but that works out as horrifically expensive if you have to shave three or four times a week.


If you could only have one type of razor in the future, what would your choice be? Oh, and Hector loves joining in with a spot of grooming! 

Disposable vs. Safety Razors

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