Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bulldog Original Hand Cream

Hand cream – so many crude jokes are running through my head right now that as I sit here writing about Bulldog Original Hand Cream I find myself chuckling away like Beavis & Butthead. No, there most definitely will not be any reference to the ‘relief’ that this offers and certainly no mention of tissues (after this one obviously).

The very good people at Bulldog sent me this along with a number of gift sets back in late 2015 – if you haven’t seen the range of gift sets and what I thought of the products you can do so here (if you so wish).

The 75ml tube was sat tucked away in the massive box I have for products to try out until early February when I finally succumbed to the freezing weather. My hands had become very dry and they had a look not too dissimilar to a prune - to be blunt, they looked bloody awful.

A 75ml tube of the hand cream will set you back just £5 (yeah, it's only a fiver) and can be bought direct from Bulldog here.

This is what they say about it in the marketing blurb (which I always love to read just to see how long it takes for me to roll my eyes):

'On the one hand Original Hand Cream and on the other hand Original Hand Cream. How original. Packed with 8 essential oils, glycerine, jojoba, and vitamin E to moisturise dry hands. Be loyal to your skin. Our products never contain artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients from animal sources. Bulldog is man’s best friend.'

I hadn’t used a hand cream for years (about fifteen to be precise) – excited to try is probably pushing the bounds of reality but I was curious to see what this could do, after all, it couldn’t make my hands look any worse.

First things first (duh, obviously), the texture is quite strange, it has a thicker consistency than I expected and while it spreads really easily I found it a touch greasy which made me slightly nervous about whether it would be absorbed properly or whether it would leave residue that could potentially mark my clothing. These fears were completely unfounded as the cream was absorbed in super quick time. After the first application I actually applied even more and within seconds this to had been completely absorbed. Hmmm, my hands really did need some hydration!

Within two to three minutes I couldn’t feel the greasy texture at all and while there was no miraculous rejuvenation of the skin immediately I could over the course of a week start to notice subtle differences after using it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

They say it’s packed with essential oils, jojoba and vitamin E. I’m no scientist, but the effects after a couple of weeks was amazing. After four weeks it has transformed the way my hands look. I just wish I had taken ‘before’ pictures to show the state of my hands prior to using the hand cream, as I genuinely believe that they look in much better shape both visually and to the touch.

Smaller than the vats of Norwegian hand cream that I used to use this has lasted for well over four weeks and is only now getting to the point where I’ll have to think about replacing it. In the time that I have been using this I’ve found that my hands look healthier – no they are not doing star jumps, but to the touch my hands feel softer and smoother, more hydrated and some of the dodgy fine lines that had started to appear on the back of my hand have gone – rejoice, just rejoice.

This has been something of a revelation for my hands – all I need to do now is stop biting my nails and I can stop hiding my claws away from the general public!

They say that Bulldog products are mans best friend, and I’ve seen nothing to dispute this at all. Nice work people, nice work. At only £5 I would recommend a tube for every bloke out there - you'll like the subtle jojoba fragrance but love the results.


See, I managed to get through without any other crude references! Win!

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