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Beard Control by Billy Jealousy

I spent the first thirteen years of my life trying to grow a beard and then the following twenty years doing everything possible to keep hair off my face with as little effort as possible. Now I’m in my (cough - late) thirties I’ve given up and from time to time embrace my facial hair (not literally, the look would be on a par with me trying to chew my own ear - just sit back and picture that without laughing). With facial hair comes great responsibility (no, no it doesn’t, but it sounds good). Joking aside growing a beard is a pain in the butt, so anything that can help the growth process, reduce the itching (yes, beards itch as they grow) and help style it so I don’t look like a hobo is a bonus. Enter stage right Billy Jealousy Beard Control.

Beard Control by Billy Jealousy
Beard Control by Billy Jealousy

This came into my possession as part of a Selfridges&Co male grooming bag back in July 2015 (yes, it’s been sat in a box that long) and finally I have a beard of sufficient length that I’ve been able to take it out and use it on the bushy beard currently covering two thirds of my face, chin and neck. Untouched I do look like I’ve slept rough for a few days and knowing that I’m off to be shaved by a professional (sounds slightly creepy) later this week I needed something that would style the bristles, keep the white hairs plastered down rather than sticking out and reduce the itching.

This is what they say about the product over at the Billy Jealousy website here:

'We all need a little control right? Beard Control delivers a deliciously light hold while giving you the best of both worlds: a natural look with just a smidgen of definition. Conditions and protects without weighing hair down. Softens naughty curls, leaving your beard looking like you were cut from royalty.


  • Aloe Leaf Juice:  Softens and hydrates beard and skin. 
  • PVP:  Styling agent, helps hold hair in place. 
  • Jojoba Seed Oil: Stimulates, conditions & shines. 
  • Panthenol:  Provitamin conditioner.'

So, this is designed to condition, smooth and style your facial hair and it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. It really is the bees knees on all three fronts but for me the first impression was lovely as I applied it to my face. It has a deep Aloe Vera aroma to it has gets so much stronger as you rub the cream between your palms. Lovely! 

Even with a heavily moisturised face such as mind the cream is absorbed into the hair and skin really quickly - I think I applied far too much the first time yet it soaked it so quickly and left just a slight hint on the surface of the hair - it has a shine to it that made it look almost damp. After five minutes my face wasn’t greasy to the touch yet it has already had an effect on the bristles and stubble. It felt so much softer to the touch and when trimmed around the edges the hair was removed much, much more easily. 

Beard Control by Billy Jealousy

After I had used my palms to smooth down the hairs on my chin they remained in place. It isn’t like using hair gel on your face and it feeling crispy. The beard retained its body but the hair was less likely to stick out at an awkward angle making me look a bit special. But don't just take my word for it, I've put together a before and after picture below to show how it can help keep facial hair under control.
Beard Control by Billy Jealousy
The top two pictures are before using Beard Control, the bottom two are after using it
I received a 88ml tube of this in my beauty box and when it runs out I will be investing $20 for a 236ml tube to have on hand for the next time I fancy growing a beard of some length.

Beard Control was a winner of the 2014 Men’s Health Grooming Award and I can see why. Not only does the hair on my face feel smoother to the touch, even hours after applying it smells amazing and keeps my beard well and truly under control. Result.

I’m really pleased that I finally managed to grow a beard long enough to really put this through its paces. After a week of using it I have found that the itching has reduced to such a point that I’m no longer bothered by it and for that I am truly thankful. It’s almost a shame that I will be losing this four weeks of growth soon.


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