Friday, May 16, 2014

Simple Exfoliating Body Wash

When it comes to my cleansing and exfoliating regime my face is not the only part of my body that receives large amounts of attention on a daily basis (stop vomiting at the back those with crude minds)

To say that I find cleanliness next to godliness is generally a massive understatement. 

There is no point in paying meticulous attention to the visible areas of the body whilst leaving the areas covered by clothes in a battered and abused state. That is why I use an array of lotions and potions, one of which is Simple Exfoliating Body Wash.

A 250ml bottle of the Simple exfoliator sells in most supermarkets and large chemists for only £2.10 and this I believe represents exceptional value for money considering the results, length of time a bottle lasts for and the fact that as it is not perfumed.

This can be used by everyone, even those with super sensitive skin. Easy to spot due to the light orange colouring (it doesn’t containing and artificial colourings) my first impressions when picking it up were that it looked like it contained little brown flecks which on closer inspection of the ingredients turns out to be natural Loofah.

The exfoliator claims that due to being specially formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils it will leave your skin feeling revitalised, smooth and softened with the natural balance of your skin being restored to improve skin tone and stimulate circulation. In this case the main essential oil is Chamomile which soothes and softens.

I rarely believe anything I read and had I bought this based upon the claims I would have been sorely disappointed, however as it was more of a punt than any scientific purchase the results and quality of the product are on a par with far more expensive exfoliators available.

If you will pardon the pun, the exfoliator is ‘simple’ to dispense and to completely cover my body a blob of around 2cm in diameter is all that is required. As it is dispensed onto the hands it honestly doesn’t feel like an exfoliator as it is quite thick and the bits used to exfoliate can’t be felt at all until you start to massage it into the skin. 

The thick consistency makes the exfoliator very easy to apply and as it is spread over the body becoming thinner it is then that the bits start to become evident. Once the bits within the exfoliator can be felt whilst massaging it into the skin it starts to lather up beautifully, but instead of having the same effect as a soap or normal shower gel, the lather is neither rich or long lasting and as soon as the massaging stops the lather fades very quickly.

Unlike my usual exfoliators Simple is not as abrasive and the bits seem to caress my skin rather than act as a mild form of sandpaper. 

The first time I used the product I didn’t think that it would have the same effect as the more expensive brands just because there wasn’t a mild scraping sensation when using it. 

The product is washed off with ease and leaves no residue at all. There is nothing worse than drying off, getting dressed and then finding bits of exfoliator stuck to your skin. Thankfully this is not a problem with Simple Exfoliating Body Wash.

As far as results are concerned for the price paid for this product I was amazed. 

As soon as the exfoliator is washed off my skin was left with something of a glow and it was incredibly smooth to the touch. After drying off the smooth feeling remained and it did feel much softer for around half an hour before it just felt how it does when using any other shower gel. 

After around an hour the glow seemed to go, with hindsight the glow had probably more to do with the hot shower rather than the product however it had left me clean, with smooth skin and it was obvious that the dead skin I had noticed on my arms had been removed.

To summarise, I am very pleased with Simple Exfoliating Body Wash, it is cheap, gentle, cleans really well and has some benefits for my skin. However, it isn’t as good as more expensive exfoliators I’ve used. 

I now prefer to use this product as a daily shower gel due to the affordable price in comparison to other shower gels because it is so gentle, however I still keep some of the other higher end exfoliating products for when I really do need to sandpaper off some patchy skin. 

If you are looking for a cheap no nonsense exfoliator I have no problems in recommending.


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