Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Joop! Jump

Launched in March 2004, Joop! Jump was one of the first of the new range as they sought to capture a greater share of the fragrance market. 

Joop being one of my favourite fragrances means that I’m guaranteed a bottle at every special occasion. However back in the day for some strange reason rather then the warm purple bottle of the original Joop I was gifted the warm Royal Blue bottle of Joop! Jump and to be honest I had no idea how it would smell. 

What I did have an inklings of was that it would be a light and fresh fragrance in the same way as the original. 

Joop Jump
Available in both 50ml and 100ml bottles of the EDT or aftershave, prices range from £30 for the 50ml and £40 for the 100ml bottle. Joop! Jump can be purchased online or alternatively from most perfume/aftershave counters where I’ve found that you do have to search it out. 

Marketing for Joop! Jump was slack to say the least when first released and I have to admit this isn’t a fragrance I have seen on TV or in magazines. 

The marketing blurb states that this is the fragrance to make you jump out of your suit, established yet unconventional providing a cool sensation yet a uplifting and refreshing fragrance. OK…. 

On closer research I was amazed to find that Jump! Jump actually contains the fragrance of frozen vodka. Result, you too can smell like a pickled hobo on a wet Wednesday! 

The full notes to the aftershave are:  

  • Head Notes: Rosemary, thyme and grapefruit 
  • Heart: Frozen Vodka, coriander leaves and heliotrope 
  • Dry-Down: Tonka bean oil, vetiver oil and musk oil. 

My first impressions on application were that this was a very cool fragrance, after shaving there was no noticeable burn, which is always nice! The lack of burn on application was welcomed as it also meant that any subsequent rash from the burn was therefore not forthcoming. 

Turning to the smell, well that perplexed me for weeks as to what the actual smell was. It reminded me of sweets as a child and the grapefruit and citrus undertones were the most powerful of the main notes. 

Only a small splash of the aftershave was required for good coverage and the fragrance quickly fills the room in a very good way. 

The head notes are evident for well over 30 minutes until it begins to react with skin and alter, and boy does it alter! The coriander brings a warmer sensuous fragrance to the fore in mixture with the light citrus which does fade leaving it noticeable, but not in an overbearing way. 

Again, after a further hour the citrus fades even further, and the heart note of musk oil begin to give the fragrance that added manly smell. 

Mixed with the very faint citrus of the grapefruit, hints of coriander and musk this remains very light but warm making it extremely unique and completely different to the original Joop! 

As only a small amount is required due to the strength on first application, a 50ml bottle when used every day will last for months making it very good value for money. 

In terms of longevity Joop! Jump is exceptionally hardwearing and is still evident after 12 hours. 

I personally loved this fragrance when first released aged 26 (yes, I am sobbing like a baby for my lost youth) but my tastes have changed over the years. Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing aftershave.

Thankfully the hints of frozen vodka do not leave you smelling like an inhabitant of Wetherspoons leaving Joop! Jump as a fragrance that can be worn for work, on nights out and special occasions. This is another stunning addition to the Joop! family of fragrances.

Despite my own personal tastes changing this gets a high recommendation from me. It’s the perfect pulling fragrance, is hard wearing and doesn’t cost the earth. 


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