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Maskorea - Turn Back The Clock Sheet Mask

There used to be a line in the sand when it came to this here blog - I wouldn't do anything that would basically make me look like a nob (more of a nob). That line has been firmly swept away in 2017 and I'm glad of the change in my outlook, after all, I wouldn't have tried the Turn Back The Clock Sheet Mask by Maskorea had I not lightened up a bit. Not only am I trying new things I'm also going to follow instructions to the letter - so here goes, this is what happened when I tried my first sheet face mask.
Turn Back The Clock Sheet Mask by Maskorea
The masks usually retail for £7.99 each and you can pick them up here. If you choose to buy in greater quantities the price really does come down, and picking up four a month costs just £12.99, that’s just £3.25 each. 

This is what they say about the mask over at the Maskorea website:

A unique 3-step product that includes a foaming pre-mask wash, a serum-infused cellulose face mask and a luxurious post-mask anti-ageing night cream to provide a total regime for ultimate results.

Simple to use, hygienic, and packaged in its own portable compact pouch to ensure that you use the perfect dose each time. No mess. No waste. Just 100% goodness.
  • For ageing skin
  • Magically smooths and firms skin’s appearance
  • Instantly reduces fine lines
  • Contains collagen extract’
After a very glittery bath (thanks Lush Frozen Bath Bomb) I started the first of the three steps.

Step one is a lovely foaming cleanser - at first I didn't think that there was enough of the cleanser to cover my massive face but my fears were completely unfounded and actually there was more than enough and boy did it foam up! It smells lovely, clean and rather fresh without leaving the face feeling like it's been blasted by an arctic wind. Excellent.

The trickiest part was unwrapping the sheet after using the cleanser - to say it's damp is an understatement. It's wetter than an otter's pocket. Personally I found this a touch fiddly but persevering it took only few minutes to get the mask onto my face and smoothed over the skin and my now healthier beard/stubble. At first due to how damp it was I struggled to keep it in place. Solution, have a nice lie down - sorted. I kept the mask on for thirty minutes of really weird sensations - it was cool on my skin and tingled a touch but thankfully no irritation. So, here goes, me looking like a complete twit...
Turn Back The Clock Sheet Mask by Maskorea
Removing the mask I slapped the final anti-ageing night cream over the mask residue and carried on with the rest of the night. After an hour my face looked like it was coated in plastic - very strange, but it made me laugh so bonus points. The reaction of the missus was that my face looked brighter and I agreed after a lengthy session looking into the mirror examining every square foot of face (I've got a large face).

After three hours of the cream on my face it itched for about ten minutes. It was a very minor level of irritation and despite me being very highly strung I found it completely bearable and after all, it faded and stopped well before I tried to drift off to sleep. The picture below is after applying the cream as it dries into my face.
Turn Back The Clock Sheet Mask by Maskorea
Final results? Well my face is indeed brighter, the fine lines around my eyes have gone and the skin on my cheeks and forehead feels more taut (stretched tightly and firm), smoother and the skin does have a better glow. Yes, it does seem to have knocked a few years off the appearance of my face - a very good thing! For this price it’s something I would use again and again. One last picture, and here it is after sleeping with the cream over the mask residue.
Turn Back The Clock Sheet Mask by Maskorea
Turn Back The Clock Sheet Mask by Maskorea
I'm really glad I decided to try this and it is the perfect antidote to having to drag my lazy ass out of bed and into work this morning! I’ve got radiant, smooth and hydrated skin - cheers Maskorea. What's even better is that the massive 'drinkers' pores around my nose seem to have shrunk to normal size. Yay, I don't have a complexion that resembles Slash from Guns N Roses at the height of his Jack Daniels phase.


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