Thursday, January 12, 2017

BEARDS: Iron Horse Beard Oil

In early December I wrapped up warm and headed down to the Gentleman’s Grooming Show 2016, held at Tobacco Dock in East London. It was a great opportunity to browse a plethora of male grooming goodies and talk to brands I hadn’t seen or heard of before. As soon as I passed the Oil Can Grooming stand I knew I had to pick up a can of their Iron Horse Beard Oil to expand my foray into the world of beard softening!
Iron Horse Beard Oil
Iron Horse Beard Oil
Iron Horse Beard Oil
On the day, I ended up buying a 50ml can of the oil for £20, a slight discount on the usual £24 cost of the product. If you want to pick up a can, you can so from their website here.

So, who are Oil Can Grooming? This is what they say about themselves over at their website:

Born of the industrial revolution an Oil Can is an essential and robust tool. They keep machinery and moving parts in prime condition and running smoothly, something we want our products to do for you.’

Iron Horse Beard Oil has a fantastic fragrance to it, so much so that I often forget to put aftershave on when using it as inadvertently I can smell it and think I've already applied it. It was indeed the fragrance that directly resulted in me parting with the £20 I paid for this - one dab, one sniff and it had me hooked. The leather and raspberry, a strange concoction I thought at first blends beautifully - the stand out fragrance is the leather and it forms a great masculine base you would expect from a beard oil but every so often the raspberry comes forward as something of a nice surprise. Far from being fruity this blend is actually a real gem.

But does it tame the mane? Yes, yes it does, a little of the oil onto the palm in the morning, a quick rub to warm it up and then boom, it smooths onto the beard with ease and is absorbed fairly quickly giving ample time to style my beard from the dragged through a hedge look to something a little more groomed. 

I have been using this beard oil for the last three weeks and my stubble was softer, my beard seemed to grow a touch (just a touch) faster than normal and now that it is about an inch long I can happily say that I've had not one jot of irritation from the growth. Happy days indeed. 

My beard, if you exclude the many, many white hairs that are appearing looks healthier and to the touch my beard is super soft.

Personally I think £20 for a beard oil is a bit expensive, you can pick up other brands for under £10 that do exactly the same thing for your beard. I've recommended this because it did the trick and what it said it would do, it smells fantastic and the can looks so very, very cool. If price isn't a consideration you really should give this a try.


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