Thursday, December 01, 2016

GIVEAWAY: This Bearded Life by Carles Sune

If you had said to me just a mere four weeks ago that I would read a book about beards I would probably have laughed in your freshly groomed face. Yes, I write a blog about grooming products but to be honest I don't feel the urge to immerse myself into the culture of male grooming. Oh how that changed when I was kindly sent a copy of 'This Bearded Life' a book written by bearded blogger Carles Sune, a very famous blogger from Spain. 

While waiting for the book to arrive I wondered whether it would be a) very short, after all, how much can you say about facial fuzz or b) padded out with inane waffle. I was wrong on both counts.

Carles started his blog No sin mi barba (which translates to 'not without my beard') years ago and it has gone from strength to strength, a little like his beard. With the assistance of some fantastically funny illustrations from Alfonso Casas what we have here is a one stop resource that you'll struggle to put down gents. From the history of the beard (I didn't know that the Catholic church deemed beards to be a sign of paganism) to beard hygiene this has something for everyone.
This Bearded Life by Carles Sune + GIVEAWAY
This Bearded Life by Carles Sune + GIVEAWAY
This Bearded Life by Carles Sune + GIVEAWAY
The book sells for £12.99 and I have to say, this would make a perfect gift for that bearded bloke in your life. Not only is it a very easy read and flows naturally from one topic to another it also had me giggling out loud, nodding along sagely and at times making notes of things to try with my bearded face.

Not only is the book a great conversation starter on the tube in a morning it's jam packed with facts that I have meticulously memorised so that I can be the wise old bearded bloke in the pub who seems to know (formerly known as a clever dick) way too much about what seem trivial subjects.

Even better, I have two copies of the book available to win, just check out the widget below.
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What's your preference? a man who is clean shaven, has stubble or a full beard?

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