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The Legend’s London Original Pomade + Giveaway

It really doesn’t seem like that long since I ventured into Holborn to have my hair cut by the amazing Darius at The Legends. They say that time flies as you get older and boy it’s true. It was actually over two years ago! Wow. Not only did I get a new haircut and cutthroat razor shave, but I also got the chance to try their excellent Maximum Strength Hair Gel. With that in mind, when I was asked if I would like to try their new The Legend’s London Original Pomade how could I say no?
The Legend’s London Original Pomade + Giveaway
The Legend’s London Original Pomade + Giveaway
This is what they say about the product over at The Legend’s website:

‘Our pomade has a high hold, a medium shine finish and is water-soluble (we don’t believe in the crispy aftermath!) You’ll get a strong grip, so lots of flexibility no matter what style you choose. It’s great to have something that works around you, not the other way around. 

Pomade is one of those super simple but essential hair care items you need in your grooming drawer. Take a small amount of pomade and apply evenly through the hair with your fingers. (A little tip is to have your hair a little damp – just a little. Imagine that drying in the sun on the beach kind of vibe and you’re almost there!) It’s also great for restyling through out the day, which is something hair gel won’t let you do.’

A 120ml tub of the pomade is available direct from their website and costs just £13.

I confess that I didn’t read the instructions before slapping this into my hair, but thankfully I always apply my styling products to damp hair. It’s just so much easier. I took probably a little too much out but the first thing to strike me just how pliable it is. It’s softer than wax and melts really quickly when it comes into contact with warm skin.

Within seconds of taking from the tub it had become just runny enough to smooth through my now long hair. A quick brush back and then the application of a mild heat from the hairdryer and within five minutes I had perfectly styled hair.
The Legend’s London Original Pomade + Giveaway
The acid test for me with my styling products is hold, how it leaves hair looking, how my hair feels to the touch (I constantly mess with my fringe when my hair is longer) and how easy it is to wash out. On the hold front I can't really grumble - it kept my style in place for well over ten hours and even when blown slightly out of place (when stood by an open window on a train, so pretty forceful) my hair was so easy to manipulate back into style.

How does leave hair looking?

Well, there is no greasy shine, and after about three hours after styling it looks as though I’m not actually using any hair product at all. I prefer this look as my hair looks naturally lighter than it does when using a paste, cream or gel.

How does hair feel?

Don’t get me wrong, you can tell to the touch that you have something holding your hair in place but it doesn’t have the clammy texture that usually comes from using a pomade.

Can you get it out?

Yes, it’s actually surprising given the ten hours plus of great hold that this provides. It washes out with minimal effort, which in my book is a massive bonus. Nobody likes to be faffing around when already late for work!

TOP TIP: If you have a styling product that is a bitch to wash out, try applying your shampoo to dry hair and massaging it in before applying water.

Two years on and I’m still using the Maximum Hold gel, and if this lasts just half as long then it’s cracking value for money. It provides great hold, is a breeze to apply (if you leave your hair slightly damp as directed) and doesn’t leave that shine that looks as though you have dipped your head into cooking oil. It’s the bees knees.


What’s even better is that those lovely, lovely people at The Legend’s have given me a tub of the pomade to give away to one lucky reader. Take a peek below and feel free to enter/share.

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