Saturday, August 06, 2016

Nivea Men 48 Hour Silver Protect Antiperspirant

It’s safe to say that I’m not a big fan of Nivea products and when using their deodorants in the past, particularly Cool Kick 48 Hour Deodorant, I was left massively underwhelmed. At Christmas, not knowing my borderline hatred of their products my younger brother bought me a Nivea gift set (cos I really need more grooming products) and in it was a can of Nivea Men 48 Hour Silver Protect Antiperspirant. After running out of my regular BO spray (as I call it) and with a heatwave in London a few weeks ago I hesitantly reached into the bag and tried it for the first time.
Nivea Men 48 Hour Silver Protect Antiperspirant
This is what they say about the product over at the Boots website here:

‘NIVEA MEN Silver Protect Anti-Perspirant Deodorant with anti-bacterial silver ions helping to eliminate bacteria and prevent body odour.  Delivers 24 hour confidence and anti-perspirant protection keeping you fresh and dry all day long.

With anti-bacterial silver ions helping to eliminate body odour. 24 hour confidence, anti-perspirant protection and gentle Nivea care. No alcohol or colourants. Dermatologically approved’

After applying it on the first day it did make my armpits itch slightly, in part I think due to the aluminium by-product it contains. That said, the irritation was very mild and I’ve been using it every day since with no repeat of the itching.

What the product does do is protect you from fear of body odour, I found that I didn’t get any wet patches under my arms or on my back despite the temperatures that would put Las Vegas to shame. I genuinely felt more confident wearing this and was espousing the virtues of it to every else in the office who appeared to be melting.
Nivea Men 48 Hour Silver Protect Antiperspirant
Nivea Men 48 Hour Silver Protect Antiperspirant
Nivea Men 48 Hour Silver Protect Antiperspirant
At just £2.50 for a 250ml can this isn’t going to break the bank, but those around you on public transport or in the office will thank you for your purchase. Not only has this kept me sweat free in the searing heat of London Underground and banished any hints of body odour it does actually work and works well. I don’t know anybody who would actually wear this for 48 hours to check the claims that it lasts that long, but after spraying it on at 7 a.m. in the morning, enduring over two hours on the tube and stupidly hot temperatures at the end of the day I still feel fresh. I really can’t put a price on the confidence that this gives me.

Using as an emergency stop gap has moved me away from a hatred of the brand and actually, given the results and value for money I’ll stop my self-imposed boycott of the brand and look at trying more of their products. 


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