Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Vaping - Trying to Kick a bad habit!

It's hardly a massive confession, I smoke and I smoke rather a lot. At least twenty cancer sticks are consumed by this blogger on a daily basis and while I know they are bad for me I just can't kick the habit - will power is not something I will ever win an award for. That's a fact. 
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So rather than attempt to kick the habit and go cold turkey I have been looking around for alternatives to reduce my consumption, save some cash and stave off some nasty illnesses. 

I've tried pretty much every nicotine replacement therapy available without success - patches, gum and the little inhalers. What's left to try? Well, it seems that vaping has worked for a large number of my friends but I wanted something with an authentic tobacco flavour and so I looked into it a bit more and was staggered at the selection of goods and products available to a novice in this area. 

What is vaping?

Vaping is basically inhaling water vapor through a vaporizing device and it's an alternative to smoking those filthy disgusting smelling cigarettes. No foul stench and bad breath, no cigarette burns in clothes (when slightly worse for wear) and well, you're not inhaling several very poisonous substances!

If you're not a smoker already I don't recommend you start what will be a lifetime addiction to nicotine by vaping, but of you are looking to reduce your consumption of cigarettes then you should take a closer look at the massive range of pipes, flavours and extras available from Vapelux disposable e cigarettes from which prices start at just £5.99, which is quite a saving!

Far from looking like a cigarette, these e-cigarettes provide an authentic tobacco flavour without the smell, giving you an easier way to make the transition to vaping and quit smoking. Each stick comes in a range of eye catching colours and delicious flavours, with a stylish packet and crystal glowing tip. The issue for me with smoking is something to do with my hands, which might sound weird, but when you have a habit like smoking, holding something in your hands is one of the things I miss, this option offers a product like a cigarette, which is not a cigarette.

This blogger is going to give it a try, after all my bank balance and skin will be much healthier for quitting.

Have you given up smoking with success? Have you tried vaping?

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