Sunday, July 24, 2016

22 top tips for mens fashion

Every now and again I will go shopping and spend a fortune on clothes only to get home, try them on and realise that I could have saved the expense and simply wrapped myself in a potato sack, naturally tied with string at the waist and still look better. I have little fashion sense and being colour blind means that I’m basically useless at dressing myself.
22 top fashion tips for mens fashion
Writing this little blog has helped, reading male fashion blogs has inspired me in ways I never imagined (hell, I’m firmly converted to wearing a variety of bracelets now to complement an outfit) and every now and again I will come across sites that offer advice, much needed advice in my case.
22 top fashion tips for mens fashion
22 top fashion tips for mens fashion
22 top fashion tips for mens fashion
Late last week, in between searching for our youngest cat Hector who had gone missing for days on end (he is back now - rejoice) and celebrating the birthday of the ball and chain (the lovely BeautyqueenUK) I was sent a link to, an online retailer of men’s fashion who have pulled together 22 top tips for mens fashion. You can see their handy infographic here.

I have to say, the infographic did make me smile, there were a few tips in there that appealed to my dark humour but actually, a lot of what they say rings true. I’m not sure about storing a few shirts and a blazer at work (although that reminds me I need to bring my tuxedo home from my work locker) but tips such as ‘wire coat hangers should only be used for breaking into cars’ and ‘if you’re not sure how much aftershave you should be using then you shouldn’t be allowed to use any’ are so true.

Personally, my favourite tip, and something I get wrong a lot was in relation to suits:

  • Fitted is good
  • Snug is dicey
  • Tight is wrong

That is so true, nobody wants to be able to count how much change you have in your pocket from ten yards!

Go on, take a peek at the tips - what’s your favourite?
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