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Bulldog Skincare For Men Gift Collection

A Bulldog is not just for Christmas…but it’s a great start. That's what the marketing blurb for the Bulldog Skincare for Men Christmas Gift Collection shouts out straight away, and after receiving two to try out, I'm inclined to agree, they're not just for Christmas but all year round. 

Bulldog Skincare For Men Gift Collection

Bulldog Skincare For Men Gift Collection

I'm a bit of a Bulldog Skincare freak, I love their moisturiser (still puzzled why I've never written about it) so when these two gift sets popped through the door (read wife walked to the sorting office to pick up) it really was like Christmas morning, and I still have a wry smile now, some weeks later.

So, award winning skincare brand Bulldog Skincare For Men has launched five new gift sets that will bring seasonal cheer. With a brilliant selection of their products available in each gift, and at what I would call massively affordable prices you can do a lot, and I do mean a lot worse when weighing up what to buy the bloke in your life this year.

Available from Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, the range offers a choice of stocking fillers, secret Santa gifts and ‘proper presents’.

Man Up (£6, yes, just £6 from Boots)

Now this is by far and away a great little gift and would be perfect for Secret Santa - not too pricey, but actually not just a great grooming product, but the tin is also a money box with a nice opening in the lid.

Bulldog Skincare For Men Gift Collection

This is what the marketing blurb says about this gift set:

'The Bulldog Man Up Sensitive Moisturiser Tin is a great man’s gift this Christmas. This set contains Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser, which is specially formulated with 2 essential oils, green tea, green algae, konjac mannan and vitamin E to help rehydrate sensitive skin. These powerful ingredients can help revive and rehydrate the skin. Plus, this moisturiser absorbs quickly and won't leave your face and hands oily or greasy after use.'

I really do have affection for this moisturiser, it is brilliant when i shave regularly and it doesn't inflame my skin further, even if I shave in a rush and have razor burn. It smells wonderful to boot - fresh, clean with a bit of bite from the tea notes, this ticks all the right boxes.

It's absorbed into the face quickly, doesn't leave the face looking greasy and best of all, after I started using this, after a week my skin did feel softer, smoother and looked incredibly hydrated.

Pardon the pun, but this is the dog's b******s.....

‘The Kennel’ (£12) 

In a neat, and clean looking presentation box, and with a budget price tag this is the perfect alternative to the usual Lynx guff gift sets that get thrown around at this time of the year (in laws, family and friends take note, I despise Lynx gift sets)

Bulldog Skincare For Men Gift Collection

Bulldog Skincare For Men Gift Collection

This is what they say about this gift set in the marketing blurb: 

'The Kennel contains a trio of Bulldog products; Original Face Wash, Original Face Scrub and Original Moisturiser bedded down in a fun presentation box. The recipient of this gift is guaranteed to love the superb skincare results of the products as well as the iconic bulldog ‘at one with nature’ on the box.'

Again, while I can't argue with the benefits that come from using the moisturiser, my personal favourite from this gift set has to be the face scrub. It smells lovely, not a hint of any chemical aroma and the scrub is really gentle and feels so natural as it grinds off the daily build up of free radicals (ooh, check me out, I do of course mean dirt and pollution).

Combining the face wash, scrub and moisturiser for the last five days and I seem to have developed a glow. Now that has nothing to do with me entering into the Christmas spirit early, and everything to do with these great products.

So, considering the price these gift sets represent excellent value for money. They are well presented, do what they say they will do, and do so with no fuss or drama. For this I am eternally grateful. Still not convinced? Well, I give up! 

Need a gift for your fella this Christmas? These would make great stocking fillers and you get to support a British business in the process. It's a win all around.


Finally, Hector wants to know why you haven't already gone off to pick up your own Bulldog Gift Set!

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