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The Body Shop for Men

If you haven’t already seen it, this year rather than endless gift guides I have decided to take a look purely at the range of male beauty and grooming gift sets available from a range of brands. There is a nice round up of ten that are available for all price ranges here, but now we are into December I’m going to look at even more (yes more) and focus on the beauties that I’ve had the pleasure of using.

Step forward two from gift sets from The Body Shop – the first being the Modern Gent’s Maca Root Shaving Kit and the second (and much needed, especially after my first Christmas party of the festive season last night) the Modern Gent’s Post Party Rescue Kit

First of all, if you were to pass this over I can guarantee smiles when it is unwrapped – both sets come in sturdy metal cases and really do ooze class. Personally this is the first time I’ve ventured near a product from The Body Shop range, in fact, I wouldn’t have been able to answer you if you had asked me three weeks ago if The Body Shop actually sold any male grooming products!

This is what they say about the gift sets over on The Body Shop website here:

Modern Gent's shaving kit (£25 here) - Who said men are hard to buy for? Give his skin the star treatment with this dapper collection of expert shaving care products, designed exclusively to care for male skin.

The Body Shop for Men
• Maca root Shaving Cream 200ml
• Razor Relief 100ml
• Shaving Brush
The Body Shop for Men
The Body Shop for Men
The Body Shop for Men
The Body Shop for Men

So, The shaving kit – the shaving brush is well made, has a solid wood handle and the bristles are actually quite soft and smooth. After using this to lather up my shaving cream (literally this morning) I can happily report that unlike others, it doesn’t shed it’s hair as soon a slight bit of pressure is applied. Happy days. The shaving cream is probably the only slightly disappointing thing, but not because it’s rubbish or should be denigrated in any way, it’s just very run of the mill – it actually reminds me very much of the Kent Shaving Soap that came with my Shave Club kit. It doesn’t set the world on fire, but it does the job, has a nice and clean fragrance and it doesn’t irritate my skin.

The razor relief cream is again, like the brush very good and does the trick. I made the fatal error of not packing my safety razor, so had to use a disposable (I should learn to just leave the stubble rather than put myself through the pain). Without a boring description, my face felt on fire and in the absence of any of the other fab soothing creams I use after shaving used this, and boy, it settled down the rash and burn in minutes. Relief, and it doesn’t smell that bad either. It reminds me of aftersun lotion, but then again, lots of stuff does. Massively inoffensive and it doesn’t interfere with cologne or aftershave applied almost immediately after the razor burn has subsided.

So, onto the Modern Gent's Post Party Rescue Kit. I have terrible trouble with the dark circles and bags under my eyes – throw into the mix large quantities of alcohol (it’s bad for your skin people) and a very late night (read crawled into bed at three a.m.) before having to rise again three hours later and you probably get the gist of how rough I looked. Rough, rough…..(I looked like a dog)…..

Modern Gent's Post Party Rescue Kit (£16 here)

Who said men are hard to buy Christmas presents for? Give his skin a refreshing winter treat with this Post Party Rescue Kit. Designed exclusively to care for male skin, this skincare gift contains Peruvian maca root to help protect and hydrate skin.
  • For Men Maca Root Eye Rescue Serum 15ml
  • For Men Maca Root Energetic Face Protector 100ml
The Body Shop for Men
The Body Shop for Men
The Body Shop for Men
The Body Shop for Men

Step aside Rogue Eye Serum (mainly because I packed an empty tube). The Eye Rescue Serum did reduce the size, shape and colour of the bags, in fact, it was surprising how tight the skin around my eyes became. All of this was done in a staggeringly quick time. Just fifteen minutes after applying and I was ready to face the world (read, step out of my room and gingerly make my way down to breakfast).

If I had to describe the feeling I would liken it to drying PVA glue on your skin – it goes tight, but also has a mildly bizarre sensation when doing so. So, bags reduced (not gone, but even plastic surgery would be a struggle for my bad boys) and the dark circles were much lighter. Even the crows’ feet were reduced and I couldn’t really see any of the fine lines (they are not fine, they are awful) without really pushing my face up to the mirror.

The Face Protector was well, not the hockey mask I expected, instead it was a remarkable, and massively hydrating cream with a lovely fresh aroma. Immediately absorbed into the skin it left no greasy residue, there was no shine on my forehead and I have to admit, I did look in the mirror and think “nice one”……just twenty minutes after looking in the mirror, muttering obscenities to myself and being genuinely shocked at how bad my skin looked, I actually checked for a pulse to ensure I hadn’t died overnight.

This is no rescue, after party kit, it’s a revelation. It’s coming with me as I tour the UK going to parties this Christmas season.

So, in a nutshell, for under £30 each (£16 for the post party kit) you get gift sets that are immaculately presented, packed full of quality products and best of all products that do the job they claim to do. As a beauty/male grooming blogger I would be pleased to unwrap these on Christmas Day, or actually just receive them as gifts.

I’m not sure what limits people put on Secret Santa nowadays (bah humbug) but at £16, the Post Party Kit would be an excellent choice.

Both come highly recommended from me.


For the sake of openness and honesty, I was sent these gift sets to try, and try them I have over the last week. While they may be samples, my opinion here has not been swayed in the slightest. I can’t say I’d ever been drawn to anything from The Body Shop but actually these have made me take a step back and reassess my entire view of their brand and range of available products.

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