Thursday, October 15, 2015

David Hampton Leather Coat Wallet

No, I’m not breaking out into song, but……last Christmas (crap Wham reference there……)….I reviewed my current wallet as a possible gift idea for him - it was an expensive number (not as expensive as the Mont Blanc one I managed to lose) and one that has served me well. But, a certain little darling of a wallet has arrived courtesy of David Hampton - step forward stage left, the David Hampton Leather Coat Wallet in Malvern.

David Hampton Leather Coat Wallet

Well hello……

David Hampton Leather Coat Wallet

At £80 for a wallet this clearly is a luxury item but it does ooze class, and it gives off that reassuringly classy leather aroma. 

Now personally I’ve always been one for a rather chunky yet bulky wallets that fit neatly in the back pocket of a pair of jeans kind of guy but the chance to try out the longer wallet version was too good to pass up - so yes, this was a sample from the company, but I promise to be objective.

So, who are ya? Who are ya? This is what they say over on their website here:

'David Hampton, makers of superior leather goods since 1989: beautifully crafted wallets, purses, travel good and luxury leather gifts for men and women. David Hampton offers a selection of luxury ladies' purses, gentleman's wallets and business card holders, travel accessories and fine desk accessories created and available exclusively with a host of premium quality leather good to suit every taste.'

The wallet came gift wrapped, and as always, like a child I got giddy as I unwrapped the box and then removed the wallet from the dust sleeve (dust sleeve, yeah, a bit too classy for my blood). Loved it on first sight, but that just increased as I ran my hands over the outside before running my fingers across the lining, which is actually Champagne

With eight card slots, four pockets for cash (three of which will invariably be taken up by receipts) and a ticket pocket this can hold a mass of cards and cash. Had I not managed to lose all my cards on a recent trip up to Manchester (slow clap for Shawcross) the images would probably demonstrate this, but I’ve tried to show how many cards etc it can take using what I managed to retain while dodging protestors (and police), crawling from bar to bar or scaling a 6 foot (spiked) fence……

David Hampton Leather Coat Wallet

The neat David Hampton logo is embossed and incredibly discreet - I actually didn’t notice it at first.

David Hampton Leather Coat Wallet

I’m really pleased with my new wallet - it is perfect that use when out in a trench coat, blazer or lounge suit and has already drawn comments from friends (the only printable one is that it’s way too posh for me). At £80 I personally haven’t seen anything of this quality available which also has the functionality and looks to rival it. A perfect gift at any time, but now that Christmas is getting closer you could do so much worse than picking this up as a stocking filler for your fella.


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