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FIT Skincare Moisturising Ultra Serum

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So it came to pass, I was offered the chance to try out FIT Moisturising Ultra Serum, a rather expensive moisturising cream type thing in an attempt to get this old face of mine looking as good as possible. I’ve had it for some time but waited until I had the chance to give it a try on my recent break to Suffolk (after all what better place to try it than the seaside).

At £50 for a 30ml tube saying that its expensive in my view is an understatement, but hell, I find everything expensive these days (I'm firmly putting this down to my northern roots and our rep for being tight fisted but also the fact I'm getting on a bit).

With this is mind I expected miracles from this serum, and after having a good read of the marketing blurb waited a few days where I applied nothing to my face to get it prepped for one heck of a testing. By the time I used this I looked awful around the eyes and after squinting in the nice Suffolk sunshine the lines around my eyes and forehead were looking tasty - when I say tasty, what I actually mean is deep.

This is what they say about the serum over at the FIT Skincare website here

'Moisturising ultra serum intensely hydrates, repairs, protects & refreshes skin. Packed with premium performance active ingredients, vitamins and utilising OXY-FIT-10 technology it recharges & stimulates the skins natural repair mechanisms. Non greasy and lightweight the ultra serums molecules are quickly absorbed deep into the skin to act faster and work for longer.'

So, what does this actually having going for it? Well, the serum has a thick consistency and despite this it is absorbed into the skin really quickly. At first it looked like it would leave a greasy residue on the surface but this actually dried out within minutes of application. 

First of all let me explain something about my eyes - they often look swollen (thank you Richard Padgett for smashing with full force a cricket bat into my face when I was aged seven - oh dear god that was thirty years ago!) and have really dark bags. If you follow through the images you can see the effect that the serum has had and I admit it, even with the hefty price tag I was blown away with the results, particularly on the fine lines and deeper numbers - this knocked years off me (and for this I am truly thankful)

In the words of Rod Stewart, ‘every picture tells a story’ (it was his third studio album released in 1971) so rather than endlessly describe the process this is what the serum did for me, so prepare yourself for images of face, and my eyes…..Taken before application, twenty minutes after and a couple of hours later. 

My skin feels and looks plumper and hydrated, fears of an oily or greasy residue were unfounded and after three days of using this in the morning my the swelling around my eyes wasn’t as bad (the usual recoil I suffer with that first look in the mirror in the morning stopped).

Yes this is a bit on the steep side but for results it knocks the socks off the Clarins Eye Serum and seems to last for ages. That 30ml tube will last for months if used sparingly and that is all you need - a little goes a long way and it isn’t something that actually needs to be used on a daily basis, instead it compliments my already huge and extensive grooming routine.


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