Tuesday, August 11, 2015

AB Crew Nitro Conditioner by Deciem

I remember the 'good old days' when deciding which shampoo and conditioner was a choice between about three products. No, I didn't grow up in Communist Russia, I'm just old, and remain constantly staggered at the explosion of brands and products to choose from. Today I will be giving my thoughts on AB Crew Nitro Conditioner by Deciem, one of the items that arrived in my recent Selfridges&Co grooming bag of goodies.

Ab Crew Nitro Conditioner by Deciem

Ab Crew Nitro Conditioner by Deciem
Ab Crew Nitro Conditioner by Deciem
Ab Crew Nitro Conditioner by Deciem
Ab Crew Nitro Conditioner by Deciem

Hands up here, while it made be brightly packaged I can honestly say that the chances of me picking this up while shopping were zero - it wasn't on my radar and normally I condition my hair probably once, twice a month which usually means I just steal whatever conditioner the wife has left closest to hand after I have dived into the shower.

At £17 for a 120 ml tube of the conditioner this isn't cheap in my opinion, but the marketing write up promises good things. This is what they say about it over at the AB Crew website:

If you thought you have tried conditioners that cool the scalp, get ready for a freeze. One use and you'll wake up in an instant. And obviously it's a good conditioner. Instead of a bunch of synthetic chemicals, we mixed up a conditioning Amazonian palm derivative and exotic mushrooms to make the hair super soft as you enjoy aromas of Spanish rosemary and field mint. The girls who find this in your shower will keep coming back for more.

First of all with a name like 'Nitro Conditioner' I had to try it out straight away - and the fragrance instantly reminded me of Tea Tree Original Source Shampoo, it is so fresh and minty! So minty in fact that once it has been rinsed off it actually helps clear my sinuses (which is never a bad thing - being able to breathe normally tends to be a bonus).

After washing all of the gunk applied to my hair out using my current fave shampoo it was time to test this baby out. This has almost a creamy consistency and only a small amount is needed to really cover quite of lot of hair (I'm currently rocking lots of hair and a mighty mullet)

It spreads brilliantly and is absorbed into the hair quickly. For the first few minutes nothing and then BOOM.......the strangest, weirdest sensation ever! My head started to feel really cool and then cold.....

I first started using this in June during the stupidly hot weather and I have to say, just the conditioning experience had me hooked on this - it was so refreshing and the cooling sensation does have the effect of spanking you awake in the shower - bonus!

In terms of how it leaves hair feeling this again gets top marks - my hair looks hydrated and shines. To the touch my bonnet feels silky smooth and my longer hair before applying any styling products has an almost flyaway property to it. 

All in all, while it might cost a bit more than I would usually spend (i.e anything at all) I have to say this has impressed me and possibly saved the conditioners of my other half from being plundered - it is brilliant, has a great effect when using and provides excellent results.


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