Wednesday, January 21, 2015

got2b Spiking Glue by Schwarzkopf

I picked up got2b Spiking Glue by Schwarzkopf back in December 2014 - it was an expletive ridden time as I unpacked my bags to dress for a funeral only to find that I had forgotten anything that could be used to style my hair. Disaster (OK, the funeral was worse)!

After I had finally stopped swearing and lashing out at an imaginary punching bag (stress relief tip - try it, it works) I pulled myself together and wandered to the nearest Tesco where rather than going with something I had used before, and in true blogging style I picked this up along with a got2b cream, both for just £4 (and only so I could write about them here).

So, after basically paying £2 for this I wasn’t expecting anything of note, it just had to get me through four hours and I’d be happy. Just four hours….

You really can’t miss this stuff as it comes in bright yellow packaging. The 150ml tube tells me that this provides ‘screaming hold’ (a new one for me, but as a Manc, had it said ‘banging’ it would have made me laugh). Sorry, I digress somewhat. The tube also states that this is for spikes, to provide a chunky style with ultimate hold. 

On with the show…..

I washed my hair, dried it so that it was slightly damp and then squeezed enough of the white glue into palm. The picture below shows how much I used originally - big mistake! 

You really don't need to use as much as I did!

The glue smells so very synthetically fresh with an apple aroma. Not great but also not offensive and as a bonus it doesn’t linger around unlike some other hair glues and pomades. 

With a creamy like texture the glue is easy to apply to the hair, strands are pliable and for around ten minutes stay flexible before this starts to dry the style into place. You have ten minutes before the mother of all holds is unleashed. This sets like cement and the chances of moving a stray hair once it has dried are on a par with my odds of winning Mr Patience UK. 

Once set my hair felt crispy to the touch and it reminded me, nay it sent me into a flashback to my youth and using Wella Shockwaves! It wasn’t an enjoyable flashback and the feeling that you could snap your own hair off is quite frankly very weird (weirder than me writing this blog)

Now, if you haven’t already got the idea that this has great hold you’ll be staggered to learn that it kept the hold in place for well over twenty, yes twenty hours and even the morning after a heavy night, Mancunian rain and a walk across country back to my hotel not a hair was out of place. In fact the glue is water resistant which I hadn’t noticed until I got back into my room.

Personally I use this now when my hair is stupidly long so that I can have long spiky hair that will stay in place, and that it does when using got2b spiking glue.

For £2 I really couldn’t argue with this product. Like most glues you do start to get a bit of bit flaky residue after ten hours but it isn’t that noticeable. This represents great value for money and a hair styling product that will keep your hold in place. The fragrance could do with toning down a bit as I don’t like synthetic smells that much and the crispy feeling was weird. It did the job though and kept on doing its job hour after hour.


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