Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Flintoff By Jacamo Double Breasted Coat

Jacamo, don’t they sell clothes for fat people?”. That's the response I’ve had from every person when I’ve pointed out that Jacamo had kindly asked me if I would like to pick, receive and review a coat from their website. 

I took them up on the offer, and today you lucky campers you get not only my thoughts on the coat I chose, but you also get to see the arty outside photographs of me trying not to look stupid styling it.

Flintoff by Jacamo Double Breasted Coat

Back in October I wrote about my winter coat wish list, on which there was a lovely blue buckle neck donkey jacket from John Lewis - I loved it, but didn’t fancy shelling out £140 when I already had a very nice long cashmere trench coat. 

Looking around the website when trying to choose a coat was a nightmare for me, there were so many things that I wanted from the coats section. The Bear Grylls Polar Jacket stood out as did lots of t-shirts and jeans. I chose the Flintoff by Jacamo Double Breasted Coat, currently available for £80 here

So what did I get from Jacamo? Well, the coat arrived sharpish and was well packaged. I couldn’t wait to try it on as it was blowing a gale outside and I wanted to see if when just wearing a t-shirt and the coat would keep me warm. The coat feels quite thin and is light but it stops wind dead and I didn’t feel the chill factor at all. For me that is a massive result for a coat.

Made from a 50/50 blend of wool and polyester the coat is really well made, looks stylish and more importantly, keeps you warm. 

This is the perfect coat for the man who craves something that will look good when worn with a suit or effortlessly casual in jeans and jumper. The dark Navy colour is spot on and as it is just a touch longer than a lounge suit jacket you won't look like your mum has dressed you with your suit jacket poking out of the bottom of the coat. I shudder when I see grown men dressed like this on London Underground!

Since the age of eighteen I have worn long cashmere trench coats. Fact! In the intervening eighteen years I have been nervous about making the leap to a new style and anyone who knows me will be aware that I tend to stick to clothes I like rather than trying new things. I wouldn't say I was being brave, but to someone who obsesses over whether I look a tool in new types of clothes it was a big thing.

The coat has received compliments from those who originally questioned whether Jacamo catered for me (I’m no shrinking violet, but I’m also not a 5XL).

So, with extra silky lining, deep pockets on either side and three internal pockets with enough depth to store two phones, a wallet and an ipod with room to spare this is the bees knees. I even like the epaulettes (I love that word - I'm strange I know) on the shoulders. 

With sizes from medium to 5XL Jacamo seems to have been unfairly pigeon-holed due to the brand ambassadors they used years ago (something is niggling in my head that Johnny Vegas fronted up an ad campaign - I am not calling Andrew Flintoff a bloater) as being only for those on the larger side. This couldn‘t be further from the truth. 

As you can see from my pictures I‘m not Johnny Vegas sized, in fact I‘m going to just come out and say it - Jacamo is not just for larger folk, it’s a site and store that has a range of stylish and trendy clothes at reasonable prices and in sizes to fit normal people! 

I will be shopping at Jacamo again and will do so with a smile on my face. Thank you for the coat, and thank you for opening my eyes to a new place to pick up brands like French Connection, Mish Mash, Firetrap and Peter Werth at incredibly reasonable prices.


Rather randomly, Dude, my eldest cat decided he wanted to be in the pictures today and showed of his climbing skills to photobomb me.

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