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The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser

When it comes to soothing my face after shaving or after a day exposed to horrific levels of air pollution in London I’m not exactly short of products to use. I confess I don’t have that many firm favourites, Cooling Moisturiser by The Bluebeards Revenge is sitting pretty at the top of the moisturisers I’m currently using and liking, liking a lot.

I just love the skull and crossbones branding
(As an aside I have ‘it’s all about the face, about the face…..’ running through my head to the tune of ‘All about that Bass’ by Meghan Trainor - send for the men in white coats!)

Like all of the products from The Bluebeards Revenge, the cooling moisturiser is emblazoned with the skull and crossbones giving it a shiny edge when it comes to the canister (and it is a cool looking metal canister) standing out on the shelf in the bathroom - with my Magpie eye that’s probably why I reached for it in the first place. It looks cool and the coolness always goes that bit further with The Bluebeards Revenge products as every piece of packaging encourages the man using it to check for lumps and bumps in an effort to tackle testicular cancer.

For more information on Orchid, the charity that fights male cancer please visit their website here.

A 100ml canister will set you back £9.99, but what do The Bluebeards Revenge say about their cooling moisturiser on their website?

‘The Bluebeards Revenge 'Cooling' Moisturiser brings it’s typical semi-macho style into the equation with this new product featuring what they describe as the “manliest of ingredients” – in fact, who else could get away with creating a modern cosmetic laced with exotic compounds such as extracts of Prickly Pear, Stinging Nettle and Fenugreek! Not as vicious as they sound in fact as each of these compounds are highly regarded for their moisturising qualities and ability to re-invigorate the skin.

Having said that the brand has also strayed into its feminine side with the addition of Jojoba Oil as the main active ingredient. Jojoba enjoys a fabulous reputation as the only natural wax ester with an amazing similarity to the oils created by our own skin and is thought to help prevent oily skin and outbreaks of irritation.

The Bluebeards Revenge 'Cooling' Moisturiser contains a cooling agent making application to any part of the body a real pleasure. Luckily the brand has gone to great lengths to ensure that the product is free of those nasty Parabens, SLS and MIT.’

I love The Bluebeards Revenge packaging, it has my no-nonsense style - with the warning on the canister stating ‘only a total moron would choose to sneak a snack of this moisturiser - trust me it isn’t nice so best left off the menu.’ Classic! 

Anyway, back to my thoughts - so, it’s paraben free which is good news for the skin but what is it like?

Well, the size of the canister is spot on to enable grip and the pump dispenser is really easy to use, you won’t find yourself pumping away for ages with no benefit. It dispenses the white moisturiser in little blobs, and as the pictures show only a pea sized amount is needed to cover even my massive face.

Only a seriously small amount is needed
With a creamy texture this spreads easily and as soon as it first hit my fairly dry face it started to be absorbed immediately leaving a rather shiny finish for two to three minutes. While waiting for it to dry in I was struck by the lovely fragrance - it is so clean and fresh. You can pick out the Jojoba oil and for a bit I thought I could detect a bit of menthol but that could just be my dodgy sense of smell at the time.

Once it had dried in the fragrance completely disappeared and had no impact on the aftershave I applied afterwards, in fact it has never changed my aftershave which I find a massive plus in favour of the product. There is nothing worse than shelling out a wad of cash on an aftershave for its true fragrance to be altered by another grooming product.

An attempt at a dark and brooding photograph
More importantly, the results were breath taking. The moisturiser does cool, in fact it is like being slapped in the face with an icy glove (in a nice way) when first applied and as it is absorbed you notice a slight tingle. Awesome!

A good twenty minutes after applying there was no sign of the moisturiser yet my face still felt cool and to the touch this is where the cooling moisturiser earns its stripes. My skin is incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, even through three day stubble and my whiskers were noticeably softer. 

The dry skin patches I get around my eyebrows were eliminated after three days of use and now, after having used this since July I have to say it represents excellent value for money. I use this probably three times a week and there is still about half of the canister left. You really can’t argue with results, the fact it lasts for ages and smells divine. 

You can, and I have paid more for a moisturiser but this sits with Men Expert as one I’ll keep reaching for as an effective moisturiser that does the business. 


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