Thursday, July 10, 2014

#Bgomeet up - Beating the boss

As a fairly new blogger I always get a little rush of excitement when a PR or organisation contacts me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit there all day (OK boss?) clicking refresh in the hope of an invite but it’s nice to know that one of the visitors to my site likes how I write and my style.

I was invited to the #bgomeetup on 26 June and due to a hectic backlog have only just got around to writing about a fantastic night in the heart of King’s Cross - special thanks go out to James from the Joe Blogs Network.

I was lured in by two things that are special to me, no not the fact that it was a charity event (yes, I can be that cold) but the offer of risk free gambling and lots of Prosecco. How could I resist? If you throw into the mix the offer of pizza (that I don’t have to cook myself - the only thing I can cook) and the aforementioned charity element it had everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no wallflower, but entering a room of beauty bloggers straight after work (I work around the corner) looking like death warmed up, hair growing quite long and if my memory serves me correctly about a weeks worth of facial hair growth I was actually nervous! I looked anything but a beauty. I looked rough (the voice in my head says something far more crude that can’t be written here).

The night started brilliantly with fake money being handed out to play on Blackjack or the Roulette tables in an attempt to ‘Beat the Boss’ - a life-sized cut out of Austin Powers star Verne Troyer.

Just before being let loose (I was sweating and shaking just wanting to get at the Blackjack table) we were told there would be prizes for the person with the most chips at the end of the night and another for the person who could take the best ‘selfie’ with the cut out of Verne and post to Twitter (more of this later).

Needless to say I posted enough Prosecco to kill a large donkey as my chips melted away. Sensing the fact that I was only one of two males in the room I was quickly drawn away from the wine that I was drinking like water to bottles of lager - thanks guys.

I’m not sure whether to be pleased or not but I did win a prize - no, not for the most chips, they were in the bankers pocket faster than a speeding bullet. I even used all of Rachel’s! I was probably first out (fixed deck in my honest opinion- who uses 7 decks for Blackjack apart from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas?) and took the time to build up the courage for this selfie.

Here it is - sorry if you have just eaten!

Oh dear lord, when I look back now I know that the people at work will probably die laughing when they see it - bonus (just kidding people).

On the upside of the Lizard King selfie I did win something I have always wanted - a magic 8 ball that spews forth wisdom (it’s now making all life changing decisions for me).

Thank you Joe Blogs Network - I had a great night, met some wonderful people and most of all (I was kidding earlier) we raised money for the WWF.

Apart from being called Andy a lot* the night flew by and reminded me that I should quite clearly never, ever use real money to play Blackjack in a casino!!


You can read more about it here.

*I haven't named the guilty party but needless to say they also 'cleaned' the keyboard on the slot machine and played like a millionaire! 
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