Thursday, March 06, 2014

You want me to put WHAT on my face?

As I get increasingly older I’m always on the lookout for new products in an attempt (failing) to turn back the clock to the days when blackheads, dry patches and broken skin were just a pipe dream.

With a vigorous facial cleansing routine to ensure that my face radiates and projects a clean image I was more than impressed to find a 50ml tube of Thalgo Men Descomen Deep-Cleansing Scrub sitting in the bathroom cabinet.

As a firm advocate of the Men Expert range by L'Oreal particularly the Skin Renovator, I am increasingly being won over by the range of facial products produced by Thalgo.

Thalgo Men Descomen Deep-Cleansing Scrub claims within the marketing blurb to rid the skin of impurities and smooth away imperfections leaving the skin fresh, clean and invigorated.


Most skin exfoliators I have used in the past state clearly that twice weekly use is more than adequate, however Descomen Deep-Cleansing Scrub should only be used once a week according to the instructions for use.

The main ingredient is Algue Bleue Vitale which isn't not something I have heard of before, but the helpful notes included put my inquisitive mind to rest. Thalgo state that the product is specifically designed for men, but why? Thalgo claim that Men's skin is much thicker and richer in sebum and is easily stressed by the daily process of shaving.

The Algue Bleue Vitale has the ability to be both anti-aging and anti-fatigue at the same time, calming down the skin to repair and smooth any stressed cells.

The product is alcohol free and uses silica and polyethylene beads to act as the exfoliant. Finished with hints of menthol the product should be the daddy of all exfoliants.  The exfoliator itself is a light blue colour and within the cream are darker blue beaded shapes which are the actual pieces of Algue which act as the exfoliating scrub.
To the touch you can feel the abrasiveness if you press it hard enough on your hands but because this product has been designed for use on the face and neck where the skin is less tough, it is actually not that noticeable when being used.

After splashing my face with warm water to open my pores, I squeezed several dots of the exfoliator onto the palm of my hand and then onto my face where I began to massage the scrub into the skin in a circular motion as directed. As soon as I started to massage it into my skin I was amazed by three things:

  • Firstly it spread really well from a tiny dot placed in the middle of my forehead, one on either cheek and a dot on my chin was needed to completely exfoliate my face meaning that very little was needed each time I used it.
  • The second revelation came from the fragrance as soon as it started to be absorbed into my skin. It became so much stronger and the smell reminds me of the sea, clean and fresh with the hint of menthol giving a slight waft of mint.
  • Finally, the aroma becoming more pronounced whilst finally and most importantly the actual texture became slightly abrasive but not as much as similar products as other exfoliators used in the past. Knowing what to expect the slight harshness on the skin when massaging was needed to help remove all of the dead skin and impurities.

As the product is massaged into the face you are basically left with what feels like finely ground sand on your fingertips and I for one could only keep rubbing it into my face for around a minute before I rinsed my face. I was horrified by the colour of the water. I had expected some sort of residue but it was really brown and dirty looking. *cue much retching and muttering of being a filthy boy*

The product had obviously removed a hell of a lot of dead skin from my face and in doing so had fulfilled the first part of the product promise.

To get top marks from me though depends upon how it leaves my face looking and feeling after rinsing and drying. This is the acid test. I have to say that like the Dead Sea Facial Peel I usually use the end results were perfect and highly satisfactory.

My face looked a lot cleaner and comments were passed about the healthy glow to my skin. My pores seemed totally unblocked so there were no blackheads and since using the incidence of spot outbreaks have been kicked to the kerb. No sight of a zit. Result!

To top it all off, days after using my skin remained baby soft.  In the past I have been very sceptical about deviating from L'Oreal Men Expert or from what I consider the best exfoliator ever produced, Dead Sea Facial Peel but Thalgo really have won me over.
Dead Sea Facial Peel will probably remain my favourite because I can see the dirt and grime being removed but as a more regular treatment for my face Thalgo really knocks the spots (pardon the pun) off the Men Expert Range.

With all of the wonderful things I have had to say about the product surely there is a drawback, and that it the price. Thalgo aren't the cheapest products around but you do really get what you pay for, although many will see the purchase price of £16 for a 50ml tube from places like FeelUnique and baulk, in terms of value for money and longevity it actually works out at around the same price as the L'Oreal Men Expert Skin Renovator.

Thalgo Men Descomen Deep-Cleansing Scrub is exceptionally masculine, smells beautiful, is slightly abrasive and does everything it claims to do. Given that only a tiny amount of the exfoliator is needed the tube has lasted for months and I wholeheartedly recommend it.


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