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Ted's Grooming Room - Step 01 Face Scrub

I’m a big fan of Ted Baker and Paul Smith, I love their clothes - you can’t beat their suits, t-shirts and underwear in my opinion but grooming products wasn’t something I’d associated them with, particularly Ted Baker.

The lovely people at Ted Baker sent their ‘Ted’s Grooming Room’ press release and asked if I’d like to try some. Now that was the first time I had heard of the range or the Step 01: Face Scrub.

Ted's Grooming Room - Step 01 Face Scrub

Ted's Grooming Room - Step 01 Face Scrub

Naturally I jumped at the chance and have been using it as part of my daily skincare routine.

Ted’s Grooming Room is actually a man’s barbers and offers haircuts, smooth hot towel shaves and other treatments. They have walk in stores or the more exclusive, and appointment only Ottoman Lounge.

The products are an offshoot of this line of the business and they have added the Ted Baker mark to the marketplace.

Ted Baker is by no way and means a discount brand in my opinion and at £8 for a 150ml tube of the scrub seems expensive, but the acid test really has to fall down to a number of factors, including price when deciding whether to use the product again.

The face scrub comes with the following marketing blurb:

‘No one likes an ambush, and in-grown hairs can sabotage a perfect shave. Battle against dirt and dead skin every other day with Ted’s Face Scrub, with added jojoba beads, for skin that‘s ready for shaving.’

I’ve used the face scrub now for around tree weeks and as directed have used it every other day. While using the scrub I’ve temporarily stopped using the Swisa Dead Sea Facial Peel to really test the effects the product has in terms of removing dirt, cleansing my face and how smooth my shaving experience has been.

The face scrub is clear in colour and you can see the tiny micro-beads of jojoba suspended within it. As soon as it leaves the tube the aroma is so clean and clinical you almost feel instantly clean.

Ted's Grooming Room - Step 01 Face Scrub

I couldn’t place the smell at first and then it struck me - the first ever Co-op type cheap hair gel I’d used as a teenager! Bang on and oh the flashbacks, some good (no responsibility), some bad (Global Hypercolour t-shirts have a lot to answer for). If asked, I would say the fragrance is not unpleasant.

Easy to apply, as soon as a 50 pence sized blob was massaged between my palms I could immediately feel the beads - it was bizarre, like rubbing a wet, smooth yet gritty texture!

Gently massaging it into my face it didn’t lather as such, the scrub soaked into my skin really quickly leaving the beads as an abrasive - the aroma changed as well, it got a little floral and was really very pleasant.

Rinsing my face off the first time (and about 3 days after a facial peel) I was appalled, even a little sick in my mouth. The water was so filthy I was ashamed. Dirt and dead skin were banished from my face, sent into exile - chuffed.com

I kept using for two weeks as my beard continued to grow before taking the plunge and shaving. Did it make a difference? Yes it did, the beard was much softer to the touch, as was my skin. I wouldn’t say my skin glowed or that I was radiant but boy as the razor crossed my face it was evident that shaving was much quicker.

Using Ted’s Face Scrub has made a visible difference - I’m not using as much of my L’Oreal Men Expert range as the need to just isn’t there.

I’ve probably used about a quarter of the tube in three weeks and that’s using it every other day. It may seem expensive, but I’m going to add it to my collection along with a few of the other Step 02, 03 etc range as I’m impressed by the positive effect it has had on my shaving experience.

If it was a little cheaper to replace I’d have said this represented great value for money and would have highly recommended it. As I class it as a luxury product and weighing up price and results I would have to say that it falls into the category of being:


What’s your favourite face scrub? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading.

Post note/random flashback:

As an aside, in my youth I was obsessed with Ted Baker in Manchester and loved their bright pastel coloured shirts - they were expensive but boy did they last. Looking back I must have looked a right sight but I regret not a thing!
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