Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hugo Boss - Just Different

Hugo Boss comes under the spotlight today *cue minor evil cackle*. When it comes to aftershave I am a man of taste, or so I like the think. I’ve had really bad experiences in the last with some high end offerings leaving me smelling of old people and cabbage. Not the fresh vibe I’m trying to give off – I’m staring firmly in your direction Gucci and Diesel.

Hugo Boss was on my list of ones to avoid after a random spraying while walking around a department store left me gagging for half an hour! This bottle fell into my collection as a gift from my dad, and after commenting that it sort of OK, I now get a bottle every Christmas.

Shaped as an army water bottle it’s pretty easy to recognise. With a screw top lid and atomiser it’s quite a unique design. My bottle was black and was coated in an ace layer that made it stick to my hand. No danger of smashed toes here (unless I do have that stroke and lose the control of my arm lol)! As with all things the truth is in the testing, not the clever marketing.

With the marketing line of ‘Just Different’ a 75ml bottle will set you back in the region of £40.

The notes are:

Top: Ice Cold Mint
Heart: Basil and Freesia
Base: Cashmeran

With these notes I’d have expected something light at first fading down to an more masculine warm heart note with hints of the earth, a woody spice so to speak.

Hugo Boss - Just Different

Hugo Boss - Just Different

Hugo Boss - Just Different

Hugo Boss - Just Different

First sprays are always the tester for me – with Hugo Boss it was actually pleasant, no burn, a beautiful light floral, almost citrus smell hit the back of my nose and wahaaaaay, no sneezing.

After just a few short minutes the light notes had completely faded. The hint of basil becomes more pronounced and it takes a very weird turn for the better. The wood comes out and there are hints of basil but it isn’t warm, it’s almost ice cold (imagine fresh stream cool).

After ten minutes the coolness had faded (a little like my own at secondary school) and it returns to normal had the aftershave not been applied. It is neither warm on the nose and the cool fresh aroma is gone forever.

After an hour I didn’t realise I was wearing aftershave – it was neither overpowering nor to subtle to not be noticed. It wears well, after 14 hours people still comment on the lovely smell. Personally, I only wear this to the office – it’s OK and will appeal to a vast majority of the population but I think there are better aftershaves on the market for the price.

If you are going to buy, it’s not one that will have the ladies falling at your feet or people commenting regularly on how nice it is. It’s the Scott Parker (boring and reliable) of the aftershave world. It’s one to wear around the house, popping to the shops or going to work in.

I won’t buy this, but I also don’t turn my nose up at it when I receive it as a gift. As I can see how it would appeal I’m throwing my hat into the ring and saying yes, take a punt – I RECOMMEND.


Post note – Scott Parker is a holding midfielder who plays now for Fulham in the Premiership. No disrespect to Mr Parker, you are an amazing footballer in what you do but you’re no Cristiano Ronaldo.
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