Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gucci Rush!

Gucci Rush was an impulse buy – don’t ask me why I thought it would be good. I hadn’t seen any marketing and had no clue of what to expect. I should have known better than to trust the recommendation from the sales assistant and the fact that I thought it looked a little bit cool on the shelf.

The picture below shows the container in all its glory. It is made out of plastic so not exactly the quality finishing or styling you’d probably expect from a fashion house!

The front and back are covered in white plastic whilst the sides are clear making it easy to see how much of the clear fragrance remains in the bottle. Pumping a button located at the top of the container dispenses the fragrance. Due to the size and shape of the container it is very difficult to actually hold as you try to spray this on. The plastic is smooth so any sort of moisture on your hands and you’ll be picking this off the floor every couple of seconds. To apply you have to use two hands!


Marketed as a fragrance to invigorate the body and mind, Gucci Rush combines a blend of woody and musky notes to provide what should be a fresh smell sensation.

After finally managing to apply some of the aftershave, it immediately became evident that I had made a huge mistake in buying this. The first few sprays left me gagging in the bathroom. It was extremely strong and very overpowering. The first smell to hit me was that of fairy liquid, a rather sterile smell, but with woody hints.

This changed over time, but not for the better! It became more and more floral and spicy and eventually just floral. I could pick out lavender and faint hints of vanilla but it smelt more like a perfume for the ladies than an aftershave that would invigorate my body and mind!

At this point I will add that as the aftershave dried on my face it began to itch a little. I had just shaved so I expected some burn but my neck went red and blotchy! This subsided however after 10-15 minutes and I wasn’t bothered again.

The actual fragrance remained for 8-9 hours (too long) and it was well over 4 hours before the strong woody smell started to fade. I was not impressed at all.

Personally I won’t be wearing this again. I actually ended up palming this off to my brother as a sick little joke. He hated it as well.

I can’t actually envisage any occasion where I would ever want to smell like this again and after wearing it for a night out the only mention it got was a “Ewwww, you smell like my gran”.
As I said earlier, you think Gucci, you think quality. Not any longer…….


So, in summary:

· It isn’t cheap.
· The bottle looks tacky.
· The smell is vile.
· It’s very strong stuff.
· It irritates skin.

If you are sick enough to want to smell like a bouquet of flowers on a wet day, you might also be interested to know that Gucci also do a range of soaps, moisturiser and shaving foam scented with this *cough* delightful fragrance.

Thankfully Gucci Rush (White) has been phased out to be replaced Gucci Rush (Red). This version is slightly lighter, but still has the smell and feel when worn of an old wet sock. Here comes the killer – even though this has been phased out you can still pick up bottles on auction sites and independent retailers for around £30. For that price you could do so much better.

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