Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hackett London Body Wash

Ever since I watched Rhod Gilbert and his rant about Imperial Leather ’invigorate’ and ’relax’ and their clever marketing I’ve spent longer than is actually healthy reading the marketing of body washes and shower gels.

I have a vast array, but for some reason I decided to delve into a boxset and try Hackett London’s Body Wash - it’s Essential British Kit by all accounts.

Here is the marketing blurb - try to contain yourselves readers….

"The home of authentic British style, Hackett London aims to kit out today’s gentleman from head to toe, whatever the occasion. Hackett grooming is an essential part of that kit. Fast foaming formula with a clean and invigorating blend of citrus and woody notes for a clean, refreshed feeling".

Seriously, when I read that I nearly died laughing! I could hear Rhod’s words in my ears and I nearly reached for a pen to write a letter.*

Hackett London Body Wash

Hackett London Body Wash

Hackett London Body Wash

Hackett London Body Wash

My tube came as part of a boxset and I did as always. Squirt far too much into my hands and then slap myself with it in the shower until it started to lather and foam up. White in colour, as soon as the Nivea like wash leaves the tube the smell fills the bathroom.

The smell is strong yet clean - a very masculine overly woody fragrance. It lathers up brilliantly and washing is a breeze. Every inch is covered and the pits always get extra attention.

After rinsing off, my skin always looks really clean (you’d hope so after a shower), but what I mean is that it has a glow and to the touch it’s smooth and soft. It’s as though baby oil has been rubbed in it’s that smooth. That is a result in my book.

I had no irritation and after drying my skin was still soft to the touch.

Personally I found the fragrance bland and when mixed with my deodorant I wasn’t impressed. This isn’t the fault of the body wash, it’s more a culmination. However, being comfortable is key, and if you doubt how you smell to those around you how can you be confident. Before it had dried and a few hours in I’d rate this probably 7/10 but it drops significantly because of how it mixes with standard deodorants.

You can find this for around £5 for a 200ml tube if you want to bid for it on an auction site!
At that price I’d say no. It’s OK as a gift, but I wouldn’t buy this if I had the choice. Imperial Leather soap and I’m talking old school bars of soap deliver the same feel and results.

NOT RECOMMENDED - sorry Hackett London

* If this section is all alien or meaningless to you then I strongly, no I positively insist that watch Rhod Gilbert’s DVD titled - The Man with the Flaming Battenberg Tattoo. If you don’t like it you can post insulting comments that question my sanity, masculinity or both. 

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