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BEARDS: Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Soap by Menrock

Back in January 2015 I reviewed the For My Beardy Beloved Box Set from Menrock, it was one of the first reviews on the blog, so when I received the latest For My Beardy Beloved 'Awakening' Box Set from the other half as part of my Valentine's Day presents I was chuffed to bits and couldn't wait to give each of the products a try. The box set is great and can be picked up for £29.95 from Menrock here. Today however I'm going to be focusing my attention like a laser beam on the Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Soap that came in the set.

Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Soap by Menrock
Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Soap by Menrock
The beard soap comes in the set, but you can buy a 100ml bottle for £12 here.

I had very high expectations from this as my beard is currently strong (read: the longest its ever been) and I really enjoyed both the fragrance and results that the oakmoss beard soap had delivered. After reading the marketing blurb and being notoriously bad at being able to wake up my expectations rose even further.

This is what they say about the 'awakening' over at the Menrock site:
'Our Sicilian Lime and caffeine beard shampoo is just like its twin balm - Light, refreshing and packing a powerful punch. Ideal for those grey and groggy Monday mornings where you don’t want to wake up, and neither does your beard'.

To use Menrock suggest a 4 step approach which goes like this:

Step 1: Muster the courage to crawl/roll/slither out of bed.

Step 2: Apply and lather in our lime and caffeine infused beard shampoo.
Step 3: massage well into your beard and skin and rinse it out with warm water.
Step 4: Lay thine eyes upon the mirror and marvel at the unparalleled majesty that is your freshly washed and perfectly groomed beard.

Being a smoker and living in London my beard does attract a lot of grime and without regular washing and brushing I'm sure it would stink to high heaven. This would have to do something special to clean this beard and wake me up! 

From day one this has become a firm favourite - it lathers up wonderfully and has the most beautifully deep citrus vibe to it that gets progressively stronger as it lathers up and soaks through the beard to the skin. It's easy to rinse off but the best is yet to come.

The claims of 'awakening' really punch home about five to ten minutes after I've dried my beard and brushed it - pow, its like a slap in the face as the caffeine cools the face, it's like an ice blast that slaps you awake and keeps you awake. Having to venture into cold wind with this on your face is like dipping your head into an ice bucket. Awesome for waking up this sleepy corpse. Top notch on that score.

The fragrance is lovely and settles down after drying off and doesn't interfere with any aftershaves or colognes that are applied. Again, good stuff.

All in all I think £12 for 100ml is about right for this. It leaves my beard feeling and looking clean. It has a fragrance that is gentle on the nose and the 'awakening' effect alone is worth the price. It really is a great product that forms part of a great box set for that bearded bloke out there. 

If you want to enhance the slapped awake feel you can magnify the results, massively so by adding the Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Balm to your bristles before brushing. 


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