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BEARDS: Peppermint Beard Remedy by Alchemy

My facial hair has the tendency to itch and generally be annoying until it gets to about two inches in length. If you throw into the mix the fact that my beard is quite thick and acts as a barrier between my face and any moisturising products and personally I find that my face while looking beard strong looks a little bit well, rough. Beard oils have been a revelation and a casual glance at my posts over the past few months will show you an assortment of oils that have been great at taming my mane and with price tags to suit any budget. Today I'm going up the price range and looking at Peppermint Beard Remedy by Alchemy.
Peppermint Beard Remedy by Alchemy
Peppermint Beard Remedy by Alchemy
Peppermint Beard Remedy by Alchemy
So, who are Alchemy? Well, they are hair oil specialists who don't test on animals and who detest parabens and all of the other nasty additives you find in a lot of products out there. So they normally specialise in products to help stimulate hair growth on the head but they have branched out and produced a this lovely beard oil that contains just essential oils - 100% natural.

This is what they say about the Peppermint Beard Remedy: 
'A fantastic minty fresh beard oil to stimulate growth and treat common beard concerns. An all natural remedy which can be used daily or as needed to improve the condition of your beard.'
My first impressions of this were holy cow, the peppermint is strong, very strong. It also blows the sinuses away it has such a refreshing and cool fragrance. The mint on first application does actually make my eyes tingle which is a weird sensation but not irritating thankfully as I could sit and sniff at this for hours on end. It's lovely.

The remedy blends peppermint essential oil, organic rosechip oil, organic Avocado oil, fractionated Coconut oil and Argan oil but you will only ever detect the minty freshness of this, even after drying down I can't detect any hint of coconut. 

The remedy is absorbed into the beard and skin really quickly - I find that five drops rubbed between my palms, smoothed onto the beard and then worked in with my fingertips is enough to cover my full beard. While it does add shine the beard doesn't look greasy which is something of a surprise to me considering the number of oils. 

I use this oil twice a week in the evening. The peppermint soothes my sinuses, my beard can be brushed into shape and the hair feels so incredibly soft and smooth from the moment it is applied to when I wake up in the morning. The Argan Oil is also working wonders on the condition of my skin around the beard. For bonus points I've also not experienced any irritation on the skin after using this.
Peppermint Beard Remedy by Alchemy
Peppermint Beard Remedy by Alchemy
Peppermint Beard Remedy by Alchemy
If I had to identify one drawback it's that if I used this in the morning I would be unable to wear a fragrance as this would overpower anything that I put on. I like Peppermint but I refer a more subtle fragrance for wandering around the office. That said, as a night time remedy to keep my beard conditioned an feeling great I can't argue with the product. It does what it says it will do and yes, my beard does seem to be growing faster in the weeks since I started using this.

Strong conditioned beard - check
Smooth skin - check

Can't say fairer than that.

This isn't the cheapest beard oil around at £21 for a 40ml bottle but you can pick it up direct from their website here.


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