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Toni&Guy Men Styling Fibre

I once had a totally horrific experience using a Toni&Guy product – it was called TX Wax and once I had applied it to my hair it took days and many, many different other products to try and shift it. It made hair styling impossible and drove me to the brink of actually shaving my head to get rid of it. So, with that in the back of my mind when the GQ Grooming Power Pack2016 dropped through the door and I saw that it contained a 75ml tub of Toni&Guy Men Styling Fibre it was popped into a box to be forgotten for a good few months until I ran out of Schwarzkopf Men 3D Molding Wax. 
Toni&Guy Men Styling Fibre

Toni&Guy Men Styling Fibre
Toni&Guy Men Styling Fibre
This did come as part of a cracking beauty box. If you haven’t yet seen what else came with the GQ Power Pack 2016, you can do by clicking here (after reading this obviously)Personally the sheer number of products in the GQ box and the size of the samples surprised me. 

To buy this you have to part with just under £5 for a 75ml tub. So, what do Toni&Guy have to say about their product? Well this is what they use to flog the stuff over at their website:

'Creates casual, lived in texture with a matte finish. Loosen product between palms and work through dry hair for medium hold.'

For starters, this has the consistency of a paste rather than a cream or gel and is so easy to get out of the tub, onto palms and eventually into the hair. Personally I always apply this to damp hair, styling from the back to the front before drying into place. The fact that the paste is so pliable means that only a tiny bit of the product is needed to cover what I consider to now be a substantial amount of hair - my hair is now stupidly long! So, on point one, it's an absolute breeze to apply which immediately makes it better than the wax of theirs that I tried.  

Hold again can't be faulted. My hair style at the moment is swept across and back (see below) but as I have to stand on the tube to work, usually in front of the carriage door without any product my hair would be a tangled mess by the time I got to the office as it's blown all over the place. With just a small amount of paste it adds weight to my hair and holds it in place. It isn't a set like hold you get from a gel or hairspray but it keeps it where it should be for well over eight hours which in my book is pretty decent. What this won't do is keep your flowing locks in place during a gale - it holds, but if you want a hairstyle with the cranial protection of a crash helmet then this isn't for you. 
Toni&Guy Men Styling Fibre
Before using the product

Toni&Guy Men Styling Fibre
Toni&Guy Men Styling Fibre
After using the product and with a strong breeze on my terrace - no hair movement
As my hair gets longer I do tend to fiddle with it far far more often than when I have the shorter messy spikes. Using certain products can leave hair looking greasy and even worse, leave a sticky residue on fingers. Surprisingly after drying my hair looks completely natural I think, it doesn't have a greasy shine and best of all, the residue that rubs off onto my hands throughout the day is minimal (win). Best of all though, after drying there are no flakes, nada, zero. No fear of looking like you have a horrific case of dandruff. 

Finally, can you wash it out easily? Well yes, it comes out with just a hint of shampoo and it doesn't seem to build up on my hair over time which has meant for the last few months I have been able to ditch my weekly use of de-gunking shampoo and my hair has never looked better.

With a staggering amount of confirmation bias* I've tried desperately to find some fault with this product due to my intense dislike of their wax but can't find a thing. It does what it says on the tin, a little goes a long way and it won't break the bank. Bugger! So, that said, you can do a lot worse than this stuff and if on the lookout for a new hair styling product or just fancy a change I can put my hand on my heart and recommend this.


*Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favour, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities.

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