Sunday, September 04, 2016

Myths Man by Amouage

I had seen the rather stylish bottles for various aftershave and perfume offerings from Amouage on Pinterest for some time. When I was asked if I would like to try the new fragrance, Myths Man by Amouage I actually expected a really small tester as this isn't by any stretch of the imagination a budget brand, it's expensive. When a 100ml bottle arrived oozing style I was not only grinning from ear to ear I was intrigued as to how the notes, which seem predominantly floral to me would play out on my skin.
Amouage - Myths Man
Amouage - Myths Man
Amouage - Myths Man
Amouage - Myths Man
Amouage - Myths Man
Here is the sting, a 100ml bottle of Myths Man will set you back £195 (ouch) and is available from Selfridges hereThis is what they say about the fragrance:

'Myths Man by Amouage is a Oriental fragrance for men. Myths Man was launched in 2016. Myths Man is a surreal mirage of oriental elements intoxicated with enigmatic tones of smoke and wood, creating a fusion of dream and ambivalence. 

Myths Man, represented by the celestial Chinese dragon, a symbol of enlightenment and honour, opens with the classical beauty of Chrysanthemum and Orris. The fragrance paves the way to an intoxicating heart defined by an interpretation of a thorny rose accord. The culmination is a base projecting both peace and calamity with Labdanum, Ashes, and Leather.'

Now my nervousness came after seeing the notes, as it seems jam packed with floral notes and I honestly couldn't see how this could blend to provide an oriental vibe on dry down. The published notes to Myths Man are:
  • Top Notes - Chrysanthemum, Iris
  • Heart Notes - Rum, Rose, Vetiver, Elemi
  • Base notes - Labdanum, Ashes, Leather
The first blast from the atomiser is overly floral as you would expect yet has a warmth and almost immediately becomes heavier and spicier. This isn't for you if you like your fragrances light and airy, oh no, it gets heavier and warmer. It took about fifteen minutes of intense sniffing but eventually I could detect the vetiver but overwhelmingly the leather base note becomes the most prominent and remains the most prominent note until it eventually fades away.

If I hadn't read the marketing blurb I would have placed this as more of a fragrance from the Middle East, it reminded me of a visit to a perfume store in Egypt some years ago. It certainly does evoke a strong reaction from me, and it can be quite polarising. My wife doesn't like it, she says it's too heavy yet everyone else who has smelt this on me says that it's actually incredibly lovely.   
If it was a little cheaper I'd probably be screaming that this is one you should always have (over the screams of my wife saying never to buy a bottle) in your aftershave collection. This last for well over fifteen hours so you have a very hardwearing, almost exotic fragrance that knocks the spots off a lot of other high end fragrances. Personally I'm a Creed man even if I have to re-mortgage the house to buy a bottle but this is a very close second and actually last much longer than any of the Creed fragrances in my collection.

If you see this stop and try it, and please do let me know what you think to it - I'm 90 per cent certain that people with a nose for all things manly scented will become addicted to it.


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