Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Rock Itali Biker Boots

Well, it’s World Goth Day and as someone who loves all things dark, warped and generally off beat I thought it would be a perfect time to show off my New Rock 7605 ITALI Biker Boots. It was either that or plumb the depths and actually review some guyliner. While my new footwear is just a few weeks old I’ve actually been wearing this brand and style of biker boot for well over ten years after venturing into the New Rock shop on Camden High Street and picking up a pair for £110 in 2005!
New Rock Itali Negro Biker Boots
So, what do New Rock say about themselves? 

‘New Rock boots, shoes and accessories are the ultimate statement in alternative footwear and clothing. New Rock are famous for both their originality of product design and the quality of the product it supplies.’ 

Personally it was the buckle design on the side of the boot that drew me to these originally and as soon as I picked them up and tried them on I knew they were for me. There is so much room inside the boot that they don’t tend to rub about the ankle or further up the leg. I did find that my foot would move around slightly inside the boot and I’d suggest some decent insoles to combat this.

The sole is just over an inch thick and has a cushioned feel when you walk, and walk taller! 
New Rock Itali Negro Biker Boots
New Rock Itali Negro Biker Boots
New Rock Itali Negro Biker Boots
I wore my first pair into oblivion - they came with a ten year guarantee from the shop and they lasted for the full ten years before they gave up the ghost and the sole split. Now, even with a slight split (which became bigger) they still remained a decent pair of knockout boots, I just couldn’t wear them to the office any longer. 

There is a collage of the boots after over ten tears of near daily wear below just to show you how they hold up.
New Rock Itali Negro Biker Boots
These boots regularly sell for around £170 but you can, as I did pick them up for just over £100. When you consider the sheer amount of wear, tear and abuse these boots endure on my feet and how long they last for it works out at less than £10 a year for a cracking pair of alternative footwear. New Rock have an extensive range of alternative boots and if I was so inclined I’d have no hesitation in recommending their quality. For me however, the fact that I have gone out and bought exactly the same style and make of boot should tell you everything about how I feel about the brand. Top notch New Rock, top notch.


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