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Morgan's 3-in-1 Shampoo/Wash/Shave

After a self-imposed exile of just over a year from the place of my birth (Manchester) I returned home a couple of weekends ago for not one party but two. My little sister Lily turned 7 and the old man (dad) turned 60. There were parties galore (read lots of alcohol). Having not packed my best party dress (joke) I had to make sure I looked my best (read not looking like an extra from The Walking Dead). Not wanting to pack too much stuff (I had presents to carry after all) I opted to not pack individual shaving cream, shampoo and face wash and instead took my lovely metallic bottle of Morgan’s 3-in-1 Shampoo/Wash/Shave.
Morgan's 3-in-1 Shampoo/Wash/Shave
Morgan's 3-in-1 Shampoo/Wash/Shave
This came some weeks ago as a PR sample but suspecting I may be off on my travels I have been saving it. A 100ml bottle costs just £9.50 and if you fancy a bottle you can buy it here. I’d never heard of Morgan’s, but after a touch of research (I’m a lazy man, so you can be assured that it wasn’t much research) it appears that it has been around since 1873. If it’s being going that long it’s either a) a decent company that makes some good products or b) a family owned company with deep pockets.

So, without further ado and more waffling, this is what the (actually blunbt and to the point) blurb says about the product over at the Morgan’s website:

'The perfect travel essential – shampoo, wash and shave with 
Morgan’s 3-in-1. Invigorating and refreshing. Versatile and 
effective formula that is easy to use.'

Morgan's 3-in-1 Shampoo/Wash/Shave
Morgan's 3-in-1 Shampoo/Wash/Shave
Morgan's 3-in-1 Shampoo/Wash/Shave
So, on with the testing:

What’s it like as a face wash?
I’m starting with my thoughts on this as a face wash as this for me is the best thing about the 3-in-1. This could punch a lethargic hippo awake and keep it awake, making it perfect for me (I’m not a morning person, in fact, afternoons are still too early for me). To suggest (as the bottle does) that this is invigorating is something of an understatement. It has a menthol/minty fragrance that is so strong that it almost assaults the senses (in a good way) and is refreshing on the nose.

Even as it leaves the bottle the strong fragrance is all you can concentrate on, but as you are being blind-sided by the aroma, you nearly miss the fact that this lathers up brilliantly. It’s not a rich thick lather, but actually rather watery which means a little goes a very long way allowing coverage across a face as large as mine (anyone over the age of thirty think of the film Mask starring Cher).

Looking at the colour of the water in the sink after using this it has clearly removed a load of grime and dirt from my face, which is erm, well what it’s supposed to do. It’s great as a face wash and after patting my face dry I don’t find that it dries out my skin excessively. It does dry it out a bit, but nothing just a spot of moisturiser can’t solve.

What’s it like as a shampoo?
Well, it smells the same (no shock there) and again it lathers up really well. Again, this can’t be faulted – it removes all of the product from my hair be it cream, wax or gel leaving it soft and ready for more punishment. Honestly, my hair does feel clean and weirdly, if I leave my hair to dry naturally it becomes really quite fly away. At the moment of writing my hair was the longest that it has been in twenty years (it was Robert Palmer) and it felts so light and fly away.

To summarise in one word: Win!

This is sadly for me where I have to be slightly negative – while it is probably good for when on the road, for me (an infrequent shaver) I was left feeling a little disappointed. First of all I had to use quite a lot of the gel like formula to get it to stay on my face and lather up to a thickness that made me able to see where I had already shaved and even then it was still a touch too watery. That meant most of it ran down my neck and onto my chest.

Hey, it’s not bad, it’s just not great. Personally I have loads of shaving products that knock the spots off this (in shaving terms) so while slightly miffed it’s not a deal breaker when I consider if I would buy this again when it runs out.  

It would have come highly recommended but personally I think this would be better marketed as a 2-in-1, but that is just my humble opinion. It wasn’t the best shave cream I’ve ever used and it’s not something I will use for these purposes again, but in terms of being a good face wash and shampoo you can’t go wrong. Combine that with:

· A very reasonable purchase price
· It lathers up really well removes hair styling product build up
· It looks cool
· It’s compact (so great for people on the road or train a lot)
· Leaves your face feeling refreshed

With the above in mind, if you are off on your holidays, or a traveller (of the non-caravan variety or even if you are) you should pick a bottle.


Random fact not product related: Morgan’s are based in Whitstable. I reference it here because the best media officer I have ever worked with, Lynn, lives in Whitstable.  

Random pictures not products related: Here is a picture from the first party – my good self with my uber-cute sister Lily and my slightly older sister Lucy photo-bombing in spectacular style (where is Lucy’s body???) in the background.
Stephen with Lily
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