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GoSend - Shop in America from home!

For ages I have been coveting a pair of amazing biker boots from an online store in Texas. While they are very reasonably priced at $135 the actual shipping charges are an absolute joke, in fact it nearly doubles the cost. So when I came across a company called GoSend talking about the advantages of shopping in the US I realised how much we are getting screwed over in the UK by US retailers. They not only change prices on us, but also cut down their product catalogues significantly to shoppers outside the US. Plus, they don’t share the huge sales and deals going on at their stores that U.S. shoppers have access to all the time.

I checked out to try the service myself and found that I was able to shop at some of my favourite online stores as if I was in America. I got access to all specials and sales from US retailers that are not available to us in the UK through their GoShop page where GoSend highlights top deals and specials going on in the US every week at hundreds of US retailers. I was also able to shop the full catalogue of goods offered by every US retailer and had access the cheapest pricing on goods available.

GoSend - Shop in America from home!

So let me tell you about my experience with GoSend.

First of all they offer 2 membership services: a free version and a six pound per month version which is SO worth it because of the big discounts and shipping costs that they extend to us over here on the other side of the pond. 

The way GoSend works is they give you a U.S. shipping address so when you go to checkout at any U.S. store you must enter this address as though it were your shipping address. Being that they are also in the state of Delaware there is no US sales tax on any products the retailers ship to their warehouse.

For my own order I used GoSend’s Shop Assist service, which is their personal shopping option. Just by entering the URL and information regarding the item I wanted to buy I was able to pay GoSend for the product rather then the retailer and they then went and made the purchase on my behalf. This is a great tool to use at retailers that don’t take foreign credit cards or for people who don’t want to bother with the actual purchasing process - for a lazy bloke such as myself this was perfect when it came to picking out some gifts for my other half for Valentine's Day.

Once my order arrived at my GoSend Locker address, I got an email from them with photos of every product I bought so I could make sure everything I ordered was correct and undamaged. They also told me they were able to consolidate my many purchases into one box. This saved me tons on shipping costs, especially when compared to what it would have been if I had shopped from the retailer directly.

On a couple products I still had to pay UK duties and VAT but compared to the retail cost of similar products in the UK, the savings on buying in the US and shipping through GoSend rather then through the retailer directly plus just being able to shop at hundreds of top US.retailers without hassle, made it worth it.

So, this is what I picked up for the missus using my new GoSend address and everything arrived within just a few days. 

I had asked the wife that if I was to order something from America for her, what would she like. Three hours later she is still talking and blurting out a random selection of beauty products from a store called Sephora.  So with a list as long as my arm, I set off shopping and this is what she is now the proud owner of:

GoSend - Shop in America from home!

I know that Bath and Body Works is hugely popular but trying to get hold of anything in the UK is a nightmare, so I settled on two of the Three Wick Candles in scent London Tea and Lemon plus Japanese Cherry Blossom.  Added to that are two hand sanitiser anti-bacterial gels in Japanese Cherry Blossom and Check Meowt.

GoSend - Shop in America from home!
GoSend - Shop in America from home!

Then of course Colour Pop.  Unsure as to what would be good or bad I opted for two little sets in the hope something would fit and I got Color Pop Vixen Lips and Kathleen Lights 'Where the Light is' Eyeshadow set.

GoSend - Shop in America from home!
GoSend - Shop in America from home!

Back into Sephora and I chose the Pomegranate Sleeping Masks which I am told are amazingly popular. Sleep masks seem to be enjoying a bit of a resurgence at the moment and the very coveted and newly released Gwen Stefani Urban Decay release which has been mentioned on more than one occasion and not really knowing what to get, I opted for a lipstick in shade Rock Steady.

GoSend - Shop in America from home!
GoSend - Shop in America from home!

In this little bundle there are some amazing products which I am sure will get me the title 'Husband of the Year'.

What do you think to the service GoSend have to offer? Are you encouraged to want to try it? If so, just let me know as I have some coupon codes for a free three months VIP membership, all you need to do is use the code BEAUTYKING during your sign up!

This is a great service and all of the products arrived safely and securely. I can't wait until I get paid so that I can finally buy the biker boots I want, no need. 


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