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Essence Perfectrice Skin Perfector by L’Occitane

The battle with the bags (eye bags that is, not the fish wives who live on my block) continues and while my eyes have never looked better there are still days when they can look a little puffy, be a touch blemished and the lines more pronounced.

I’ve tried a couple of things with success and when the opportunity to try L’Occitane Essence Perfectrice Skin Perfector I could resist the temptation. If I’m going to be honest, when approached by the PR company it was basically the least feminine thing in the new range. As an aside by taking the plunge my eyes have since been opened to the Cade male grooming range also from L’Occitane (a couple of posts to watch out for there).

Essence Perfectrice Skin Perfector by L’Occitane

A 30ml bottle of the Skin Perfector will set you back £38 and can be bought here, and while £38 may seem like a lot, when you compare it to other eye creams. 

Personally I only have two issues, my eyes and the deep ridges and frown lines on my forehead. Some serious plastic surgery is required for the forehead so I didn’t expect much from the product there, but around my eyes the lines are more shallow and I started using this in the hope that it could help me out.

This is what they say about Essence Perfectrice Skin Perfector over on the L’Occitane website:

‘Ideal for all skin types, this fresh and ultra-light serum, with an expert second-skin-like texture helps to visibly improve skin quality. Skin texture looks smoothed and refined, pores seem tightened, fine lines and imperfections seem reduced. The skin reflects light better, looks more even and its radiance is boosted. 

Each day, your skin reveals its natural beauty, it feels ultra-smooth and velvety, and your complexion looks more even, fresh and glowing

L'OCCITANE has extracted from peonies growing in the Drôme Region of France, a perfecting concentrate. Rich in natural plant sugars, this patented extract acts on skin cells to help visibly correct complexion and texture irregularities.’

Essence Perfectrice Skin Perfector by L’Occitane

Essence Perfectrice Skin Perfector by L’Occitane

Essence Perfectrice Skin Perfector by L’Occitane

First of all this does scream feminine from the bottle to the fragrance. That said, I don’t tend to mess around applying this stuff in public (although by publishing this here, in theory I actually am - one to think about) so even I could throw aside any potential jibes and gave this a try.

The creamy textured Skin Perfector has a fairly subtle floral fragrance, in fact I was surprised by how faint it was. It got additional points in my book for not interfering with my aftershaves after I had used it, and in fact, within a couple of minutes you could be forgiven for forgetting that you had this on your face, that is until you start to feel your pores tighten.

I applied this after showering so the pores on my face were open when I rubbed it gently around my eye area and forehead. After around fifteen minutes I could feel a rather strange sensation as though the skin was tightening. It actually made me feel more awake as my eyes tightened and opened a little bit more than usual. Impressed is a slight understatement at this point.

After an hour I went back to take a look - the skin tone was far clearer, and looked smoother to me. The fine lines around my eyes (read crows feet) were substantially reduced and in parts no visible without a good hard look. The ridges in my forehead as I said earlier would take some serious work but even they seemed more reduced in depth, and just by removing the blemishes just above my eyebrow looked so much better.

The acid test for me when using these products is whether I feel more confident about how I look after using them. In this case, yes, yes I did, and in fact I could see a noticeable difference in my skin texture after a few days of using this. Over a week later my eyes just weren’t are dark in the morning which helps to avoid that moment of shock when I clap eyes on myself after getting up!

The purchase price may put some people off, the packaging will probably put a lot of blokes off this but if you want my advice, take the plunge and invest in some. I love using it and it boosts my confidence knowing that make face looks even better.


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