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Rehab London Argan Oil Shaving Gel

When I first started writing this blog, I did have a bit of a look around to see what others wrote about, how they presented their blogs and to get some idea as to how images should look. The one thing which sticks in my memory is the sheer number of posts about the wonder that is Argan Oil. So, when I was asked if I would like to try Rehab London Argan Oil Shaving Gel, my first thoughts where, let’s see what this baby can do.

Rehab London Argan Oil Shaving Gel

My second thought was to write a blog post interspersed with lyrics from the Amy Winehouse song Rehab, but strangely after using it the first time I stopped singing it! Anyhow, I digress....

As a sensitive soul (insert ass before soul) with even more sensitive skin around my face, finding the perfect match for a smooth shaving experience has always been a bane. I’ve found some excellent products over the year that I have been writing here but Rehab London has taken the biscuit. Why you ask? Well read on to see what my sensitive skin thought of this shave gel.

While my 125ml tube of the shave gel came as a sample from Rehab London, you can pick up an identical tube for just £9.95 from Boots here. If you shop around online you may find it cheaper still.

This is what Rehab London say about the Argan Oil Shave Gel:

‘Shaving just crossed over the dark side. Say goodbye to those pesky ingrown hairs, sore red skin and that tight feeling you get when shaving.

Step forward Cold Turkey, The Florence Nightingale of the shaving world. Packed with Hero ingredients like the rare and precious Argan oil, with Hazel, and Aloe Vera, your skin will be left so smooth, it should probably come with a warning. The Argan oil works to support regeneration of the skin, restart the vital functions of the cells and neutralise free radicals, all while providing a protective layer to lubricate the razor. Finally, the unique low foam clear formula lets you see exactly where to shave, perfect for sculpting those rock star side burns

For the ultimate shave, team with rehab London scrub up daily detox to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs and blackheads.’

First of all, it looks funny, while it has a runny consistency that means you have to balance it on your hand before applying, but the colour, it’s all cloudy and looks a bit weird. However, nothing ventured nothing gained. The fragrance is rather neutral, it’s there, but so subtle it almost has a watery cucumber aroma - think Aloe Vera blended with a cucumber and you get the gist.

Rehab London Argan Oil Shaving Gel

Rehab London Argan Oil Shaving Gel

The second surprise for me was how well it spread when being applied - I had expected it to lather up but instead it stays as a gel and as you can see from the images before and after applying, you can hardly tell you have put it on before shaving! Fear not, it sticks to the skin and once gently rubbed in and then the cool sensation starts.

After leaving the oil to soak in for just a few minutes my face did start to feel much cooler. Really cool in fact (note to self - smear this on your sunburn later in the year lol)

The best was saved to last though - the actual process of shaving is an absolute breeze using the oil. The razor glides across the face and slashes away those pesky bristles and even better, the oil doesn’t clog the blade which means less time rinsing and more time actually eliminating the stubble and beard. Just for the time saved, lack of faffing involved in shaving and clearly less build up on the razor I was blown away and incredibly impressed. Better was to come however!
The stubble before any Argan Oil action....
This is with the gel on my stubble, tricky to see isn't it?
Rehab London Argan Oil Shaving Gel
After shaving - no redness or blotchy, itchy face
After rinsing off and drying my face I opted not to use moisturiser the first couple of times I used this and there was a complete absence of any tightness. No razor burn, no redness and no ingrown hairs a few days later. Back of the net.

Hours later my skin felt supple, was smooth and had something of a glow about it. I was so impressed I let people touch my face (I don’t like touching), and for me to allow this means I must have been incredibly confident.

As a joke in passing, when I went for lunch with a friend a couple of weeks ago he mentioned that I looked well and was glad to see the beard gone - I responded by saying it was all thanks to rehab - should I be worried that he didn’t ask me to clarify what kind of rehab?

A little goes a long way, it’s affordable and helped to deliver one of the best shaves ever and that is why this sits at the top of the list of my favourite shaving aids. Rehab London Argan Oil Shave Gel is now the yardstick for which others will be tested. It's great stuff. 


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