Friday, February 20, 2015

got2b Glued Spiking Wax by Schwarzkopf

Last month I wrote about a bargain purchase in Manchester, got2b Spiking Glue by Schwarzkopf - it was an urgent buy after I had forgotten my hair products and was hours away from giving a eulogy at my grandfathers funeral. As part of a buy two for £4 deal I also picked up a 75ml tub of the got2b Glued Spiking Wax, like the spiking glue, promising ‘screaming hold’. 

Without going into the usual hilarity that is my own mental illness (the voices, the voices), I needed to style some long hair, some four inches in length and I needed to do it quickly. By the time that I got around to using this, opting to use the glue on the actual day I wasn’t in need of screaming hold, just something to keep my then five inch long spikes upright.

This is what Schwarzkopf say about the spiking wax:

‘The first wax from got2b with screaming hold for remouldable extreme styles without the crunch. Moulds like a wax, holds like a glue!

How to use: Rub a small amount of wax between your palms, work into dry hair and style as desired.

Extra tip:

For outrageous spikes twist a small amount into the hair tips.’

First thing first, I love the smell of this wax, it is so fresh and reminds me of the Fructis gels I would use in my teens. While the teen flashbacks resulted in me shuddering at the clothes I used to wear, the strong apple fragrance is simply lovely. While writing this up I have literally had my nose buried into the pot sniffing away.

If you can get over the lovely fragrance the next thing that is a little bit weird is the actual texture of the wax. Expecting something that would need to be warmed to make pliable I was presented with what can only be described as a cream like substance. 

With the texture of a cream it makes the spiking wax so easy to apply, but even easier if applied to slightly damp hair. When I apply to dry hair I find it just a little bit too tricky to style into spikes and have to make do with a choppy look after I had it cut down. When applied to damp hair spikes are a breeze and when dried hold as well as when applied to dry.

In terms of hold, the claims of being ‘screaming’ it isn’t far from the truth, it does hold and hold and then hold a little bit more. It’s excellent. When applying early in the morning the style is still going strong at three the following morning after a night in a sweaty bar and nightclub. Nothing knocks this off its stride.

Now for the best bit, how my hair looks when styled. This leaves my hair with a great matte look finish, which when styling shorter lengths looks good in my opinion. It also retains a bit of pliability so the style can be changed. 

Unlike the slue, where hair feels crunchy, there is no danger of this and while changing the style can result in a little residue on the hands it isn’t as bad as my experiences with Wella products.

As someone who can take or leave wax I have found over the last couple of weeks that more and more I am reaching for the spiking wax over every other hair styling product I have to choose from. It is excellent value for money (hey, it only cost me £2), makes styling easy, holds hair brilliantly and leaves it looking really quite natural.


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  1. I love their products! They are my go to brand for styling products angela x

  2. I will get some of this fr my son. He likes to wear his hair spiked but they don't seem to last more than an hour or two.

  3. It looks a good product. Follow me if you like my blog and let me know, that I can follow you back quickly
    new post:

  4. This looks like an excellent product - I'm going to show your review to my son.

  5. I would have liked to see a photo of you with your hair styled with the wax Steve ;) It sounds great though, my hubby likes a matt wax, so I will show him

  6. Looks an excellent product. I know a few people who would be interested in this - off to share

  7. I've teenage nephews who would like this one. Cheap too

  8. I've never used these products but this looks great. I know a friend who would love it.x

  9. Price is decent & sounds pretty good.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Charlotte x

  10. The scent sounds lovely and this is super affordable!

    Jess xo

  11. Great price shame about forgetting you own, but with a funeral to go to can see how you did hope all of you are okay!


  12. i haven't tried any schwarzkopf products. there was one ive been eyeing for quite some time then completely forgot about it till now

  13. hubs used to use fructose gels and since the one he used was discontinued he has been flitting as he has never found anything similar, i will tell him to try this one

  14. this range is always on my sons dresser.

  15. That's really good that it works well, would love to see an image of it being used! :)

    Frankie x

  16. This sounds pretty good! :)

  17. I can't say I use hair wax myself but I have cousins who do when they style their hair. May have to put them in this direction :) xxx

  18. I remember the smell of the fructis gels too, they were lovely!

  19. this sounds like a pretty good product!

  20. This sounds perfect for my eldest teen boy!

  21. ooh this is interesting, Tom uses wax so I might get him some

  22. looks good but as my husband is bald i will never buy it.

  23. Looks like an interesting product!

  24. Fab product, my dad actually uses this :) xxx

  25. I have seen my best friend use this product when he had returned from the UK and he was all gaga over it. Unfortunately, you don't get this brand here in India. Lovely review!

    Priyanka (The Purplenista)


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