Sunday, February 22, 2015

Buy Me Brunch T-Shirts

Pinterest has a lot to answer for, but over the last couple of months I have been searching out new and interesting t-shirts that would go well with not just my other clothes and boots, but also my tattoo. A pin for the online store for Buy Me Brunch appeared and I was hooked on their clothes.

Before I go any further I would like to point out that the images contained in this post will contain expletive ridden language - if you are likely to be offended please click on the back button now.

Hailing from San Francisco, Buy Me Brunch do one thing and one thing only, they make t-shirts and vest tops for men and women. With a slight twist, every month the company upload their new designs onto their Facebook page and allow us, the buying public to decide which designs they go ahead and print. This is something I have never seen before.

The t-shirts were ordered online about two weeks before Christmas and arrived within three when the holidays were taken into account. 
To say that I was chuffed would be a massive understatement. Unwrapping the two that arrived in time for Christmas Day brought a massive smile to my face, and when the last arrived again it was a brilliant surprise that had me itching (not literally) to try them on.

So, here are the t-shirts I have from Buy Me Brunch - I’m really pleased with the quality of the t-shirt, they are super-soft on the skin and look pretty hardwearing to me. Add into the mix the edgy slogans and images used then you have a perfect t-shirt company.

Buy Me Brunch sell designs and style of t-shirts, vests and pullovers for both men and women. Each of these t-shirts cost just US$28, so in or around £20.

I am so glad I pinned these and that they were spotted and bought for me. I’m a regular over at the Facebook page of Buy Me Brunch, so much so I have a wish list of their t-shirts I’m going to get my hands on.


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