Wednesday, January 23, 2019

SKINCARE: Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream by Black Leopard

Hello 2019, and what a way to bring in the New Year and mark my return to my little blog by looking at a new range of skincare products for men from Black Leopard Skincare. With a range that includes moisturiser, aftershave, and face scrub, today I’ll be focusing on Black Leopard Eye Cream.
Skincare by Black Leopard
Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream by Black Leopard
A 15ml tube of the cream will set you back A$29, that’s about £16 which for an eye cream if it works is in my view pretty good value for money. 

This is what they say about the eye cream over at their website here:
‘This anti-wrinkle cream developed using the most advanced anti-ageing technology is specifically designed for use on men’s skin. Reducing puffiness and dark circles. Increasing elasticity, locks in moisturiser and plumps the skin to reduce wrinkles. Be amazed by how good your skin looks by adding this one step to your nightly routine.
But obviously, the crux of whether you should lay out your hard earned cash on this rests with whether it will actually banish those bags and help make your face look that bit smoother and less battle-worn (like my own)

I received the full range as a PR sample back in October shortly after coming out of hospital when I frankly looked like I’d been dead for a month, buried and then dug up again. Not a good look. Wanting to feel better about myself this was the first product I reached for, and after a good eight weeks of using it in the evening I’ve discovered that yes, yes this really does have a positive effect. 

A tiny pea sized amount of the cream is all that’s needed – it has a great consistency that makes it easy to spread around the eyes and into the crevasses that I’ve cultivated over the years without leaving your fingers, hands and face feel greasy. Win! 

After a week of using the cream the skin tone and feel to the touch of the skin around my eyes had started to be transformed. By the end of week two the dark bags and circles were barely noticeable and the crows feet had visibly reduced. My skin was as they promised plumper and silky smooth.

I hate looking in the mirror and seeing a corpse looking back. Thankfully, by using this beauty of a product it’s no longer an issue for me. At £16 for a product that is still going strong I have to say it represents excellent value for money, provides outstanding results and will last for month after month.

Black Leopard knock the spots off the competition.


SKINCARE: Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream by Black Leopard

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