Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Aftershave: The Scent Intense for Him by Hugo Boss

The Scent Intense by Hugo Boss is a very new aftershave into the ever growing collection and I only first got my sniffing tackle around it for the first time on Sunday evening after returning from an eventful week away. That said, it had an instant impact and while other aftershaves can sit on the shelf for months, just like my previous post I feel almost compelled to write almost immediately about this offer from the Hugo Boss stable.  
 The Scent Intense for Him by Hugo Boss
 The Scent Intense for Him by Hugo Boss
 The Scent Intense for Him by Hugo Boss
Marketed as an irresistible and unforgettable fragrance for him, you can pick up a 50ml bottle of the aftershave from Debenhams for £54. That price places this in the mid-range in my opinion and when you read further on about how long lasting and noticeable to others this is it actually represents good value for money.

  • Head: Ginger and maninka fruit 
  • Heart: Green cardamom and lavender
  • Dry-down: Black leather and vanilla
A couple of sprays and "wow, that's not what I expected" - instead of a heavy, warm spicy offering that I'd expected just three sprays and the room (and my skin) was awash with a beautiful blend of spice from the ginger offset by the lighter fruity smell from the maninka fruit - yes, it's warm from the start but it calms down quickly, becoming more floral as it works through the heart notes. The lavender is actually a note that flits in and out as you move around - it isn't a static fragrance it's constantly evolving and from time to time you'll pull out one of the notes yet minutes later it'll be gone.

Fear not however, once it settles down some twenty minutes later you are left with one hell of an intense fragrance that'll blow your mind (in a good way). Combining a mild spice with light floral notes and then slapping leather into the mix should make this super masculine and very heavy on the nose but it doesn't, and that's because the vanilla provides a little bite of sweetness as it gradually rests into a heady blend of warmth with longevity to rival much more expensive brands. 

This lasts on the skin for well over twelve hours making it perfect for daywear around the office and then onto a night out. As a plus point, the sillage (the fragrance trail you leave behind) is I'm reliably informed so nice I found a few people leaning in to ask what that cool new fragrance was. Result.

It's the boss - lovely! 


For information:
  • This product was provided to me as a PR sample.
  • I have not been paid to write this post. 
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  1. I will have to mention this to my husband or give him a treat as it sounds lovely and he needs some new aftershave x

  2. Sounds like a fab gift to give the other half. Always have supported Hugo Boss so I am sure this aftershave will be a winner for us too.

  3. I am pretty sure that this is the one I bought my other half for his birthday, if it is I absolutely love the smell x

  4. I think my husband would enjoy this scent, I for one would with the hint of lavender and combination of ginger.

  5. Oh wow I'm so intrigued about this scent, definitely need to smell it next time im by a perfume counter! xxx

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  7. My husband loves Hugo Boss. They always have such beautiful scents and im sure this is exactly the same as the rest :)

  8. You can always tell you are onto a winner when other people comment on how good you smell around the office! This sounds like a beautiful aftershave and I feel the need to head to Debenhams and give it a smell!

  9. This looks great. My husband loves this brand

  10. My husband loves Hugo Boss perfumes, but I don't think he's tried this one.


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