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GIVEAWAY: Bois De Vetiver by Karl Lagerfeld

It's all the fault of the Mail on Sunday, yes, the Mail on Sunday. Casually browsing the paper in a cafe while having breakfast a couple of week ago I saw an advert for Bois De Vetiver by Karl Lagerfeld. The offer suggested that a 50ml bottle was available for around £30 and bing, that was me sold. After wandering around the shops I came across a 50ml bottle at The Perfume Shop for £15 (it's £16.99 now)! Being prepared to spend £30 I ended up buying two bottles and in a pique of Christmas spirit I have a bottle available to give away to one lucky reader.
GIVEAWAY: Bois De Vetiver by Karl Lagerfeld
GIVEAWAY: Bois De Vetiver by Karl Lagerfeld
But do you really want to win it? After all, it could smell a bit rank, and considering it's, suggests that it isn't that popular. I got my sniffing tackle around my bottle and this is what I think to the aftershave.

Bois De Vetiver is a new fragrance for 2017 and is sold as a powerful yet cool fragrance. Personally, after reading the notes to this I had no idea what to expect. The notes are:

Head: Blood orange, pink grapefruit and mint leaves
Heart: Ambrox, geranium and rose
Dry-down: Patchouli, musk and Vetiver

Taking those notes into account, I'd expect a really light fragrance, citrusy and fresh that dries down to something of a floral and woody base. What I encountered was quite possibly the best fragrance find, ever. 

The first two sprays really did fill me with a sense of joy, yes, it's light and you can only really detect the grapefruit. It's sharp on the nose for a good five to ten minutes before the crushed mint leaves take the edge off. After ten minutes the the head notes fade and become really subtle and the rose takes on the driving seat. Rather than becoming overly floral like Man Rose by Etro, the heart notes blend beautifully to give a smooth mix of citrus and rose - weirdly, this is where the fragrance starts to become more and more like Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford and when I say like, I mean it's nearly identical! 

After about thirty minutes the fragrance becomes so very subtle I can hardly notice it on my skin, but after thrusting my wrist at the other half she assured me it was still strong and when wearing this around the office it's obvious from the compliments that it has excellent sillage properties (it's like a lovely scented trail that follows you around)

An hour in and this is basically the same as Grey Vetiver - I honestly can't tell the difference, if anything, it sparks more comments (positive of course) from those who surround me. Result! 

The patchouli and vetiver provide a really masculine base with a warm woody twang with just a hint of the floral notes that sits on the skin without being powerful or overbearing on the nose. It's lush - no, it's actually better than that. I love it. When you consider that this lasts on the skin for well over ten hours it makes it perfect for daywear, nights out or those special romantic occasions. It's perfect for any situation.

So, for under £20 you can pick up an aftershave that is on a par with more expensive variants from Tom Ford (Grey Vetiver can cost up to £85 for 50ml), and if you're lucky, you can pick up a bottle for free if you enter and are drawn as the winner of my giveaway. If you're not lucky, you really should pick up a bottle or two of this while it's on offer, and I promise you will not be disappointed.


The giveaway is open to people with a UK postal address

Random fact: I met Karl Lagerfeld in a lift at the Munich Hilton when I was twelve years old.

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