Sunday, October 15, 2017

Grooming: Moose Head Jump Start Face Wash

"There's a moose loose aboot this hoose".......who remembers that advertising campaign from 1993? It was for Maynard's Wine Gums and if anything proved that the use of cocaine and other mind-altering substances were rife back then in the advertising world! I don't know why but every time I pick up Moose Head Jump Start Face Wash that song runs through my head - I'm freakin' weird. 
Grooming: Moose Hero Jump Start Face Wash
Grooming: Moose Hero Jump Start Face Wash
Grooming: Moose Hero Jump Start Face Wash
Moose Head Jump Start Face Wash is the latest male grooming product from Moosehead, an Australian grooming brand and along with the Moose Head Smoothly Does It Hydrating Moisturiser are now available in Primark stores nationwide for just £4 each, yes, £4.

I had heard of Moosehead and their range of hair styling products before, mainly after following images on Pinterest and seeing reviews from a range of Aussie grooming bloggers, all of whom were positively glowing of the results. Not surprising really, you don't become the best selling hair styling brand by pumping out crap. With my limited knowledge and high expectations I couldn't wait to give this face wash a go on the old visage.

This is what they say about Moose Head Jump Start Face Wash:
'Created with natural walnut scrubbing particles, the face wash works to remove dirt and impurities whilst softening the skin and beard. The scrub helps to loosen and remove dead skin cells creating the perfect pre-shave base.'
First of all, I can't comment on how this helps as a pre-shave base as I'm currently growing out my beard to Nordic levels, but on everything else, you can now expect my humble opinion.

When first using this I didn't know that it used walnut particles as the scrub element and as I squirted a liberal amount onto my palms I was genuinely perplexed as to what it was, I had expected darker particles and sticking my finger in and rubbing it around made me no wiser. It just doesn't feel abrasive enough while in the palms or being rubbed between the palms to remove dead skin I thought to myself.

Taking the above into account, I followed the directions to the letter and boy, this gets into a lather faster than a feminist Sheila at a man's right march. Sorry, I was channelling my inner 1980s Aussie male then....In all seriousness though it's like a lather bomb going off and the fragrance it releases has all of the manliness you would expect from our antipodean brothers.

Once lathered up and on the face the liquid gets thinner and thinner and thats when the walnut particles start to do their thang - and do their thang well they do. Too abrasive and it feels like you are using sandpaper, too little and you might as well be using soap and water, with Moose Hero the balance has been found, yes it does remove dirt and grime from my face, so much so that I get that 'yack' face when I look down and look at the colour of the water after rinsing my face off.

It did leave my beard feeling a touch softer and the same can be said the skin, particularly around my forehead and cheeks. There weren't massive life changing kinds of results but it was noticeable, and it bears out that if my beard feels softer its probably going to be easier to shave off, but as I've already said, my beard is going nowhere at the moment.

So, for a small investment of just £4 you have a face scrub here that delivers on what it says it will, which to me means that it has to be a stable, particularly for my travel bag. Representing great value for money this is a belter of a face scrub that puts a lot of its more expensive rivals to shame. Low price, great results and available on the high street.


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  1. I was only 4 in 1993 but I still have 'there's a moose loose about this hoose' echo through my head every time the word 'Moose' it uttered.
    £4 is a really good price for a face scrub - I make my own scrubs because I'm allergic to practically everything but I'd never thought of walnut particles as an exfoliant. I may need to try adding that to my usual concoction.

    C x

  2. Oh that sounds great and a fab price too. I love a body scrub, especially at this time of year with dry skin.

  3. You think a moose loose is the hoose is bad? Trying having a cheetah zipping everywhere at 47 mph at night time!! 4.00 for a face scrub seems like a pretty good deal!

  4. Sounds like a super product! I'll have to tell my bearded husband about this.

  5. My other half would love this! And haha yes, I remember the Wine Gums advert, was one of my favourites. I'm going to hunt this down and see if he likes it, he can't seem to settle on a face wash he really likes.

  6. I've not heard of this brand - great price and love the packaging!

  7. We as a whole need to look awesome, who doesn't? The face is the main thing individuals take a gander at when they take a gander at you. So it is vital to keep it Acne Free, Fresh and Presentable. Ana


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