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HAIR: 5 Trendy hair care tips for men in fall 2017

Maintaining a healthy and stylish hair is very important for us, men. In fact, most men treat their hairs as their crowning glory. And only we can understand the reason why we love and care for our hairs. Only we can understand how a well-groomed hair boosts our confidence and self-esteem. That being said, there is no better source for men’s haircare than us, experts in the field of men’s haircare with years of research and experience.

5 Trendy hair care tips for men in fall 2017
Basically, contrary to today’s haircare advertisements, where they present a lot of complications and issues regarding your hairs, only to be solved by using their product, taking care of your hair is actually very simple. Knowledge and understanding of your hair is the key to properly maintaining and grooming your hair. To help you in that aspect, we have listed 5 trendy hair care tips below;

1. Pay attention to your scalp
Simply put, a healthy scalp will result to a healthier hair. Scalps are the beds of hair follicles from which hair strands grow. Thus, the healthier your scalp is, the healthier hair strands will from them. Here are tips to maintain a healthy scalp;

• Maintain a well-balanced diet and sleeping pattern
• Use a wide-toothed comb on a wet hair to avoid breakage and hair loss
• The more chemicals you use on your scalp, the higher the risk of damage
• Use an exfoliating scrub agent to remove dead skin cells every 2 weeks or month.
• To promote hair growth, try scalp massage as it can improve hair production.

2. Do not wash your hair every day
Contrary to popular shampoo advertisements, washing your hair every day can bring more harm than benefits to your hair. Our hair and scalp contain natural essential oils that contribute to their moisture, protection, and growth. And by constantly using shampoo on your hair, you are removing these natural oils causing dryness and itchiness. Try washing your hair every 2 days or depending on the amount of oil your scalp accumulates, it should never be too thick or smooth. Your hair must feel moisturized and not too dry.

3. Conditioner
Hair conditioners are very effective agents in making your hair thicker and shinier. Each hair strand is covered in a cell membrane that is responsible for its moisture and shiny look. And damage to these cell membranes causes the hair to lose its moisture and shiny look, and with hair conditioners, you can speed up the repair of these cell membranes and also enhance the shiny and moisturized look of your hairs. Take note that the use of hair conditioners increases oil production, so if you have an oily or greasy hair, only use a hair conditioner once or twice a week.

4. Regular haircut

Of course, visiting your barber regularly can significantly help maintain the health of your hair. Haircuts can help remove split-ends and other unnecessary things on your hair. It also helps in keeping your scalp cleaner. Even if you want to grow your hair, having regular trims is also recommended as it can help your hair grow faster and healthier.

5. Remove wax, gel, sprays and other hair products after your day ends
Last but not least, we all know the value of hair wax, hair gels, and other similar products. They are the ones that enhance our hairstyles making us look better and dashing. However, most men forget to remove these hair products that contain a lot of harmful chemicals and wash their hairs at the end of the day. So be sure to not make the same mistake and wash your hair after the party or your date ends.

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