Monday, June 06, 2016

Electric Shavers - Father's Day 2016

Shaving is a pain, and while you can reduce the likelihood of razor burn or those nasty red bumps when using a disposable or safety razor there are two ways of completely reducing that threat, either don't shave (and start to look like an extra from Lost) or just use a trimmer or electric shaver.

In the past I've used a trimmer from Braun but that doesn't take the stubble right down to the wood. For that I will need an electric shaver and I've been looking a few of the Panasonic men's shavers over at their website. While browsing I thought hey, this would make a great gift idea and hence, here you have it, I'm sharing my top three picks from their range.

First up is the Panasonic ES-RW30 - it works wet or dry, so no chance of blowing yourself up which is always nice. But seriously, with twin blades this is my personal pick as it's available for just over £20 has more power than a Toyota Aygo and has a pop up trimmer so I can say goodbye to the crusty old Braun.
Panasonic Shavers
Second up with the Panasonic ES-SL41 - it costs upwards of £30 but for that you have a three blade electric shaver that not only looks cool but also like the ES-RW30 it can operate wet or dry. With a decent ergonomic grip the blades are designed to follow the contour of your face which should make shaving that bit speedier.
Panasonic Shavers
Last, but not least is the Panasonic ES-LV95 which is basically the Mercedes of the electric shaving world. Out of my price range, but at upwards of £150 you get five blades that say they deliver a shave that’s gentle to the skin. For that price I kinda want dinner and a trip to the cinema thrown in, but it does profess to do good things. It has a quick lift foil to remove those beard hairs that lie stubbornly to the face. Guys, it also has sensors, so for gadget freaks, this is for you.
Panasonic Shavers
Throughout writing this post I’ve had the awful Remington shaver advert from the late 1980s stuck in my head. Arrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh

What are you planning on buying your dad this Father's Day?

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