Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bracelets for Men Wishlist

I recently picked up a bargain pair of Buckle Boots from ASOS for £35. Not wanting to waste the rest of the voucher I had another £15 to spend and made light work of spending it by picking up a bracelet to go with my watch and usually dark clothing. 

So, you can thank ASOS for this wishlist of bracelets for men, and ones I will be getting my hands on over the coming weeks as I prepare my wardrobe for the summer. If interested, I have a board on Pinterest here with hundreds of bands and bracelets for blokes that vary in cost from a couple of pounds to a small mortgage.

These are my five favourites for this year that sit firmly in the could afford bracket rather than the 'if I win the lottery' category:

Colana Double Wrap Onyx Bracelet

This baby looks the part and certainly has a price tag to match costing £137. For me it is the fact that is has quite an intricate design interspersed with Buddha heads while retaining a rather understated look. It oozes class in my view and is one I will be buying.

Alexander McQueen

To say I’m a huge fan of accessories from Alexander McQueen would be an understatement of epic proportions. The skull designs really appeal to me and go with large swathes of my casual wardrobe (I shop on the basis that if it has a skull on it I’ll wear it) but McQueen also have some amazing cufflinks and bracelets for blokes that you can pass off, even with formal wear. 

The metal skull and woven bracelet is £185, but the weave and solid look appeal to me and my inner Goth. 

Men's Spiritual Evil Eye Protection

While my first two choices are on the expensive side in my opinion and rest within the luxury category of accessories this bracelet not only looks cool, it is made with a number of semi precious stones such as Tiger's Eye, Green Imperial Jasper, Bone, Lava, Amber Murano. The evil eye charm is made from copper and finishes off the look really well. 

This one is available here at the moment for just £29.95.

Rosary Bracelet for Men

While not overly religious (I only seek divine intervention after a heavy night out), I do like religious iconography and this hand-made bracelet jumped out at me. Made with black onyx gemstones, stainless steel wire, a magnetic clasp, bronze medals and brass spacer beads it is affordable (£18.64) and looks the business. 

It would make a perfect little gift and won‘t break the bank. In fact, the seller of this bracelet has a number of other equally awesome offerings and is worth checking out. 

Black Leather and Silver tone Cuff Double Skull 

Last, but not least and by far one of the cheapest and coolest bracelets from one of my favourite online retailers, Skull Clothing. This weave of leather with silver skulls would go perfectly with my watch and my usual all black clothing. 

Currently on sale for $16.95 this is affordable, looks awesome and is one that will be in my collection by the end of the month! 

I hope you liked my choices - do you think men can pull off bracelets or is it just a step too far?

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