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On the wrong side of 35, male and obsessed with trying to reverse the signs of old age while smelling delightful!

Just started to get back into writing my opinions on various products but you can expect lots of aftershaves from my ever expanding collection, my thoughts on differing hair products, shampoos and shower gels.

At some point when the pain subsides I'll even share where to get the best tattoo in London.

I used to write reviews and opinions about 10 years ago for a website but found it be one huge clique where unless you played a rather tedious game of worship those who had been there since the start you didn't get on. Not my style - we are all different and we should celebrate those differences.

I attempt to inject some humour into my posts - but I like to be as balanced as possible. Even when I hate a product I'll try and find a redeeming feature someone, somewhere may find appealing. That's not to say that this is a...."I love blog". I can cut like a knife when I feel like I've been ripped off or generally misled by marketing blurb.

I'm PR friendly and will try and respond to all comments on my blog.

If you have got this far, two things:

  • You are a cool trooper for making it this far;
  • You are cooler still as you are clearly have made an excellent choice by reading my blog.

If you want to know anything, just ask.


I welcome requests from PR companies for products and opportunities relevant to myself, my family, blog and readers.  I am also interested in attending product launches and other associated events. 

You can contact me via email or Twitter all details can be found listed below.

I am happy to accept sponsors for specific posts and again my contact details can be found below.

To contact me about these or any other subject, please e-mail me at: beautykinguk@gmail.com

Alternatively, you can tweet me @beautykinguk 

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