Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Grooming: ManCave Men's Grooming Gear

For a few months now I've been sampling on and off with products from Mancave, a British start-up company that launched in 2012. I'd seen the products on Instagram for a while and was more than happy to give a couple of their products a road test. Through the letterbox popped three products, one of which I managed to leave in a hotel room after having to vacate at speed - no it wasn't a fire alarm, I had the worst hangover of 2017 and had approximately ten minutes to shower, dress and get out! Typical Stephen behaviour all truth be told.

Anyway, enough of my mystery drinking tours of obscure Welsh hotels and back onto the grooming products. Today I'll be looking at ManCave's Protective Moisturiser and their Lemon & Oak Shower Gel

ManCave have a clear mission statement, to bring a fresh and inspiring regime of grooming essentials - developed and formulated as a natural defence for man!

This is what they say about their products over at the ManCave website
'With an ingredient-focused approach that delivers a natural grooming regime packed with essential oils and premium natural extracts, you will find a brand that has removed harmful ingredients and find one which offers vegan friendly products that are free from parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals and are never tested on animals.'
First up is the Protective Moisturiser - it uses UVA Filters to help protect from UV rays whilst locking in hydration and helping to counteract signs of premature ageing with Shea Butter and Radicare.

Personally I found this product to be an absolute face saver after a recent foray into the Suffolk sunshine. After wandering in the early morning sun down the coast to say I was burnt was an understatement - within four hours my face was dry and towards the evening I could see exceptionally dry patches appearing just under my eyes and on my forehead. This was not a good look. 

When I realised I hadn't moisturised that evening I applied just a pea sized amount and within two hours the dry patches had gone - my face looked and felt hydrated.

After using for a week each morning and night my skin (above the beard) was much smoother and genuinely looked more supple. In terms of applying it couldn't be easier, it lacks the greasiness that comes with some male moisturisers which means it's a case of slap on and watch it be absorbed into the skin at a fair old rate of knots. For the lazy man out there (like me) this is a no fuss, good for results moisturiser.

When you throw into the mix the fact that this costs just £8.99 you have cracking value for money.
Lemon and Oak Shower Gel - 200ml £3.99 - This is actually the second shower gel (the first was Cedarwood) in the ManCave range - and was developed to uplift, invigorate and stimulate (sounds like my missus)

So, what's it like? Bloody brilliant! For £3.99 you really cannot argue about the value for money if it does what a shower gel should - wash of the grime, leave you smelling lovely and good on the skin. 

Personally I really do have an affection for the fragrance of this shower gel - the lemon has that zesty citrus punch to the face that I need first thing in the morning but it also oozes a rather subtle masculinity with the oak giving it a touch of warmth after the citrus blast. Yes please, more of the same.
The shower gel lathers up brilliantly with only a small amount, around the size of a fifty pence piece needed to generate a mini-foam party in the shower. 

I've been using this on and off for a few months now, it sits in my travel bag when I go away on business and it's great - not only do I feel confident that I'm clean, I actually feel clean and the fragrance that's left on my skin doesn't alter my aftershaves. 
What we have here is not a failure to communicate as Guns N Roses once said, what we actually have is a brand with a series of exceptional quality products that are priced very reasonably. Trust me, you can fork out up to ten times more for products like this that will come nowhere near to delivering the same results. 

For me, it's a massive yes to ManCave.


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  1. The moisturiser sounds really good, will have to buy the husband some so he stops nicking mine!

  2. I love that these are affordable. And look great too x

  3. I bet my husband would really like something like this, and at a great price point too!

  4. I love the sound of the lemon and oak shower gel, to be fair I would use it haha. My husband is pretty lax on his skin care... he just shaves and showers. Maybe moisture would be good for his hands as he's a welder.

  5. My husband would love these, he's always on the look out for lovely smelling products.

  6. ooh these look great! might have to invest in some for Tom

  7. These sound amazing for the price!! Think I know what I'll be getting my brother for Christmas now!

  8. These sound like great products, I wonder if my boyfriend will like them?


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