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6 timeless pieces that should be in every man's wardrobe

Keeping up with fashions as they come and go can be tiring - not to mention punishing on your bank balance. However, there are particular items of clothing that, for you, can continue to look great - while also meeting crucial practical needs - through successive seasons. Place the following items in your wardrobe, and you can expect to regularly take them out year after year.
6 timeless pieces that should be in every man's wardrobe
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High quality white t-shirt
A white t-shirt might initially look nondescript; however, it can also be amazingly versatile, effectively complementing clothes spanning a massive variety of styles and colours. Nonetheless, Esquire urges you to buy a shirt comprising high quality cotton; this kind of cotton will feel nicer on your skin while also staying good-looking after many occasions spent in your washing machine.

Denim jacket
You might associate denim more with jeans than jackets - particularly if you consider James Dean a style icon. However, denim jackets can be put to many more uses than you might initially think. Whether you wear one of these jackets beneath an unlined navy blazer, over a straightforward t-shirt, or even with some differently-hued jeans, you can more easily replicate a look that is both casual and grounded.

Slim fit work pants
The Queen's Journal notes that modern slim fit pants have returned to popularity within the last few years. This is no fad; whether you opt for chinos or some wrinkle-resistant work pants from the Dickies online store, they can be useful in both summer and winter. Other clothes that they can work well alongside include t-shirts, jackets, and bombers - the range of possibilities is impressive.

Everyday bag
If there is a lot that you like to carry around wherever you go, then invest in a bag that is solid but good-looking, as GQ advises. You might want to take a small laptop or tablet with which to do work on the go; alternatively, you might prefer a USB flash drive for use with someone else's computer. Snacks, headphones, pens, and a reusable water bottle can also be worth putting into a bag.

Trench coat
This stylish clothing item isn't merely what you might call "military chic" from the early twentieth century; it's also rich in functionality. When the weather suddenly cools, as the UK's horribly unpredictable weather is prone to doing at inopportune moments, a trench coat can save you from cold and damp. This kind of coat can even still look good when worn over a suit!

Knit sweater
This is another form of clothing that can assist in preserving your warmth - though, naturally, when you are outside during the cooler months, you should remember to have it beneath a winter jacket. Also, don't forget your scarf! Furthermore, when temperatures are higher, a Knitted Jumper or Cardigan can work well as substitute outerwear worn above a v-neck t-shirt.

Aiming for a casual look for day-to-day life? Then try pairing that sweater with slim fit work pants that have a neutral colour; Dickies can provide such pants.

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  1. Great list. Funnily my partner actually has none of these in his wardrobe.

  2. My husband has a few knitted sweaters but none of the others, neither does my teenage son. Should I send them shopping? :-)

  3. I need to get hubby some new white t-shirts, his are looking a little tired now. Great list

  4. This was super helpful as it's my boyfriends birthday soon! I think ill pick him up a denim jacket as i've never seen him wear one before.

    Abigail Alice x

  5. I love a denim jacket on a guy and find they suit most men too!


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