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GROOMING: Below the Belt Grooming

I was rather hesitant when it came to accepting the opportunity to take a peek at the range of products on offer from Below the Belt Grooming. I had visions of wax strips that left me shuddering. When the products arrived I instantly knew they weren't really for me, they are clearly designed for people who have something of an active lifestyle whereas I have the style, grace and speed of a stoned sloth.  That said, I always go for extra mile (groan) to be objective for the folk who read this here blog for recommendations so please do read on, these products have literally been road tested.
Below the Belt Grooming
Before we go into thoughts on the products it's probably a good idea to explain who Below the Belt are and what they make eh? 

'Below the Belt offers three products that are designed to address the issues men face below the belt, and to provide easy to use solutions that fit with men's busy lifestyles.'
Below the Belt Grooming
The products available are:

Fresh & Dry Balls (£5.95)
This is a really fine gel that you apply to your nether regions, creating a fine layer that does leave the area dry and comfy even in the warmest of conditions.

Instant Clean Balls (£5.95)
A summer breeze, came rolling in......ever felt a bit manky without being able to shower? Well this spray is just what you're looking for. A quick spray and you are fresh and ready to go for a good few hours. Not only is it refreshing, it does leave you feeling much more confident. This one is an award winner, it won the Pure Beauty Gold Award in 2016 for Best New Male Skin & Body product.

Sports Lubricant (£9.95)
The sports lube does just that, you apply it to areas where your clothing or skin might rub as you exercise and hey presto, no rashes, redness or bleeding. Deffo one for people with active lifestyles who like to run. 

It took me a while to decide on how the hell I could objectively review the products and then it dawned on me.....a colleague from work runs marathons on a regular basis, for fun - bingo! So, on the basis of anonymity when writing this up, away the products went to be put through their paces (double groan).

So, the tester shall be known as anonymous Running Red.....
Here are Running Red's thoughts.....

How does the lubricant feel when using it? Much less sticky than Vaseline – more of a watery feel. It is also easier to apply (and not miss bits) than a body glide stick!

Does it stop chaffing? 100%. Even running twice a day for several weeks no bother at all. It is also good for avoiding wetsuit and cycle short chaff for the triathletes.

How does it compare with your previous lubricant? Very well – better than body glide in terms of feel and reliability in avoiding chaffing. It is also feels less slimy than Vaseline

Would you use it again? Absolutely, the perfect gift for sporty people – especially when you don’t want to stretch to new trainers or a carbon bike. Runners will use this.

Would you choose to use it over your previous product? Yes

Value for money? The lubricant is great – I will buy.

Would you recommend the products to people with active lifestyles?I don’t often discuss lubricant with other runners to be honest. However, when I see poor chaps at the end of a marathon with bleeding nipples through their vests – I can pat them on the shoulder and offer a sound recommendation.

Personally I love the concept of these products and while I don't currently have that active lifestyle the products have been put through their paces and have come with thumbs up feedback from someone I really do trust. Taking the cost into account, the results they delivered and the uniqueness I recommend.


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  1. I can't say I can relate to this much since y'know, I am a) female and b) not that great of a runner but I love the concept of this box! I can definitely see this being useful to some guys I know.

  2. I never knew products like these existed! But it seems like there's a market for them x

  3. I can see this kind of product being really popular with lots of athletes, great review :)

  4. The names really tickled me, can't say its something i'm in need of but who even knew they made things like this!!

  5. Great to see an introduction of this product on the market. I might have to tell my uncle about this as he runs a lot!

  6. Think my brother would probably benefit from these products, as he plays rugby and also rows. But not sure I want to talk to him about his nether regions... :-/

  7. learn something new every day. who knew products like these existed

  8. This does look like a good product range. Thanks for sharing

  9. Very interesting products. My brother runs on a daily basis so I shall let him know about them! :)

  10. It's great they make these products, it sounds like a fab range! xo

  11. I'm going to recommend this to my boyfriend as he's really active!


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