Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Legs out Sunshine!

Fear not readers, not a pair of second skin speedos in sight - thankfully.

Instead, today I will be looking towards my summer holidays and picking out a few pairs of shorts that would go down a treat in sunnier corners of the world or would work as a rather casual attire for those scorching days in the office.

With the assistance of BeautyqueenUK I have picked out four different styles of shorts that I could see myself donning and finally exposing my pasty legs to the sun! Trust me, they need something, they look positively awful, no positively sick.

On with the show......
Men's Shorts
Superdry Core Cargo Lite Shorts in Green featuring a seven pocket design, button fly fastening, belt loops and a reinforced saddle. The shorts feature an all over print and are finished with a Superdry logo patch on one of the belt loops and a logo tab on the back pocket.

Bench Evade Black Cargo Shorts, 100% cotton and have pockets on either side of the leg for essentials and perfect for something a bit more formal than meandering about.

Criminal Laguna Cargo Shorts - These cargo shorts from Criminal are a stylish summer option. Crafted from hard-wearing twill fabric, these cotton shorts exude refined, rugged appeal. The buttoned pockets lend a functional purpose to this essential pair.

Tommy Hilfiger John Light Twill Shorts in Navy. These area bit more formal and perfect for a lunch or dinner date with a short sleeve shirt or non-offensive tshirt. Button fastening with pockets on either side for your essentials.

What do think to my selections? Would you ever wear a pair of shorts to work?

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  1. I really like the Criminal Laguna Pair and the Superdry pair, both of which I can see you wearing x

  2. Good choices, my hubby does loft conversions and totally wears shorts to work in Summer, and goes for these sorts of design for the rest of the time.

  3. Great picks :) I really like the Superdry pair!

  4. Great pick, i think next summer I might buy my husband some short. xx


  5. I do like the cargo style shorts. I will be showing the hubby!

  6. Ooh I like the Criminal ones! I often think men have it tough in summer... We ladies can just wear a skirt/dress to keep a bit cooler and men seem stuck in their shirts and long trousers!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  7. I need to get hubby some shorts for our holiday - great selection thank you

  8. Great selection. I really like the Criminal Laguna Cargo Shorts - very funky.

  9. Great picks! I'll share this with my hubby as he is looking for new shorts

    Öku Möku

  10. I love that Rachel helped pick these out, haha.

    I think there are some great picks here, the Superdry one might be my favourite.

  11. I like the cargo shorts - great selection all round though! Kaz


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